Menstrual Cups; Everything You Need To Know About Them


Menstrual hygiene has long been a debatable issue in our society. Not only women, but even the men must ensure the females in the family are practicing hygienic period days but sadly enough it is not the case here! We are more ashamed and shy to talk about it than to discuss it in open.

Women are ready to embrace the health complications that arise with the usage if unhygienic things during the days of the period like dirty clothes, non-sterilized pads, etc. but they refuse to talk about the same in open. But thankfully, the mentalities are changing with times and there are better resources coming up today which ensures safety and hygiene of women during their menstrual days.

The introduction of menstrual cups is one such step towards taking care of menstrual hygiene and Everteen menstrual cup has come up with this innovative idea of providing health safety to women through these easy-to-use menstrual cups.

Everteen menstrual cup

No menstrual cups are not similar to tampons…

Many women do not know how to use menstrual cup and that is why they find it difficult to use it and settle for some other options. But once you learn how to use them, you would feel that it is the best option for your periods as compared to all other available options in terms of everything.

Some women think they are like tampons and my hurt their private parts or are difficult to move when inserted. But they are wrong! Menstrual cups are easy to use, safe and fit perfectly without causing you any kind of pain harming your private parts, they are so comfortable that even having sex wearing it won’t cause you any harm!

Menstrual cups are easy to use…

Unlike all other conventions, menstrual cups are actually easy to use. Moreover, you get one according to your physical structure like cervical length, pelvic muscles strength, amount of flow, etc. thus there is nothing to be worried about when you choose a menstrual cup instead of a pad or cloth.

The process of fitting the cup in your vagina is also not too difficult; you just need to follow some basic steps which are provided with the package itself or you can take help from a health expert for doing the same. The Everteen menstrual cups are easily rotated, tightly fitted and chances of leakages are nil. So, you can use them conveniently!

The closure

Majority of women today still are unaware of the facts that feminine hygiene is actually important, not only for their reproductive health but also for their overall health. Using dirty clothes or pads which are not properly sterilized might cause severe infections which can ultimately lead to more health complications!

Thus, it is mandatory for every woman to understand the value of menstrual hygiene and learn to use the best alternatives for the same. The usage of menstrual cups is considered to be a safe and hygienic alternative for usage during the period days and it is also environment-friendly. If you want to be healthy in terms of your menstrual health then going for the same is recommended!