How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?


Eggs are not just as versatile as food but also packed with high protein and other essential nutrients, making it one of the desired breakfast or a healthy lunch recipe. What could be better than grabbing a healthy hard-boiled egg from your refrigerator? However, it is not always safe when the hard-boiled eggs are quite old.

In this article, we will discuss how long do hard-boiled eggs last and ways to store them correctly to make them last longer.

How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Last

How long does hard-boiled egg last?

From the day of cooking, hard-boiled eggs last up to 1 week in refrigerator whether peeled or unpeeled. It will be more comfortable if you write the date of boiling on the shells of unpeeled eggs to discover on the next days if they are good to eat.

How to store the hard-boiled eggs correctly?

In the process of boiling, the eggs lost their protective layer of shells and exposed them to the air and other contamination present in the environment. Hence, refrigeration is the key to preserve them for a week and avoid early perishing of eggs.

Potential bacteria in eggs grow slower when the temperature is below 4°C. Hence, it is recommended to refrigerate the eggs within 2 hours of cooking. Use an air-tight container and place them in the inner shelf of the refrigerator. Frequent opening and closing of refrigerator cause fluctuation in temperatures if the egg will be placed in the refrigerator door.

Once you store the eggs, there would be a smell released by these eggs. However, this smell vanishes within a few hours, and it is normal.

Avoid freezing the eggs as it will make the egg white hardened and egg yolk watery. It will not give the desired taste.

How to store peeled boiled eggs?

It is best to peel the eggs when you are going to use them. However, if you have some leftover with peeler eggs here is how you should store them properly:

Place the peeled eggs in an air-tight container and cover them with a damp paper towel to avoid drying out of eggs. Refrigerate the peeled eggs as quickly as possible to prevent the bacterial growth in them.

What will happen if I will eat spoiled eggs? 

The spoiled eggs lead you to much food-borne illness like diarrhoea, vomiting, and even food poisoning. The chalky or slimy appearance of eggs indicates that the eggs have been spoiled. If you notice the foul smell from boiled eggs, it is another indicator that the eggs have turned bad.

If you find the colour of your boiled egg to be greenish-grey, it does not necessarily mean that the eggs have turned bad. There are several factors like cooking temperature and method of cooking which leads to the variations in the colour of boiled eggs.

Due to the long time gap between the cooking and consumption, the egg yolk first turned paler and after that into greenish-grey. Also, the greenish-grey of egg yolk arises due to over-boiling of eggs.

By now, you know how to store the boiled eggs properly to improve their shelf-life. It’s time to know, why eggs are a part of healthy diets. Let’s explore how many calories a boiled egg contains? Is it good to include egg yolk in your diet or you should only rely on whites?

So, here we go with some details on the calories in an egg:

How many calories in a Boiled Egg?

How many calories in a Boiled Egg? With 4 gram of protein, a large boiled egg contain 72 calories in total. Isn’t it a good news? You can eat this protein rich food in good quantities without hampering your calorie intake modules.  Most of the calories are present in the egg yolk as it majorly comprises of fat. The eggs provide you the 10% of daily recommended Vitamin D and 12% of folate. Even 20% of your dietary Vitamin A requirements are sourced by boiled eggs.

How Many Calories in an Egg White?

If you are keeping a strict check on your calorie intake and want to reduce weight, it is preferred to eat egg white instead of whole egg. The researches show that eating two eggs in breakfast helps you to shed weight. The fat and protein present in egg helps in stabilizing the blood sugar and keeps you full for longer duration, cutting down the further calorie intake.  

How Many Calories Are in An Egg?

With 55 calories in yolk and 17 calories in whites, the total calories in egg stand at 72 calories. However, the recipe that you are trying also varies the calories of egg. If you are going for a boiled egg, you will settle at 72 calories. But if you consider omelet, the calories goes high at 154. A half fried egg gives you 92 calorie approximately.

Infact. Low heat cooking methods help the egg to retain most of its nutrients. Boiled and poached eggs are considered healthiest due to less oxidation of cholesterol.

Eating eggs also contribute to your good cholesterol levels called HDL. People having higher HDL have lower risk of heart diseases. It is recommended to eat two eggs a day for six weeks to improve your HDL levels.