Know If The Potatoes Have Turned Bad


Potatoes are stable in every household. One can never get out of recipes if they have potatoes stocked in the kitchen.

It is considered as the chief among the veggies because you can include potato into any dish and the result is bound to be awesome. We can consume potatoes in any form, be it baked, fried, or mashed.

These veggies also tend to last for a long time but they also ring a bell in our mind, “Do potatoes go bad?”

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The origin of the potato is said to be in South America. The locales of the Andes Mountain grew these crops and they possess high fiber and are also rich in Vitamin B6.

It also possess low calories and they also help against serious illness like cancer and issues related to the heart. Today, because of these benefits, potato cultivation is done worldwide.

Potato Facts

  • Potato as a vegetable is preferred by many and is also a common ingredient. Apart from this, we can grow it anywhere, be it in a tub or on the soil.
  • They are very easy to grow and do not need any chemicals or care.
  • Potatoes grow underground and they mostly consist of water.
  • The starch created in the potatoes is very beneficial for dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
  • Potatoes are durable and we can keep them in larger stocks in our household.

But do potatoes go bad? Let us find out.

How to tell if the potatoes have gone bad

Though it has a larger self-life there are a few traits of potatoes that help us to find out if the potato has gone bad. When kept at room temperature, the potatoes can stay up to 1to 2 weeks.

But if we find out that a big portion of the potatoes’ surface has rotted or there are white molds forming, mostly in rainy weather then we must know that the potato has started to rot. We can just cut off a small part and then cook the rest.

If we see discoloration in the potato’s skin, and they are soft when pressed, then they have turned bad. The greener portion in the potato’s skin is also an indication of direct exposure to the sunlight causing the potato to turn hard. This portion also remains uncooked and that is why it is better to cut that portion off.

In humid weathers, the potato forms sprouts which is an indication that the potato is turning to rot. We can cut off the sprouts and eat the rest as soon as possible.

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