How Long Does Hummus Last?


Do you like having a dip on your table alongside your favorite dish? Are you one of those who love a healthy yet tasty dip with your meal? Well, hummus is just the right choice for you. 

The lifespan of hummus depends on a variety of factors like best by date, the preparation method, and how it is stored. You can help it stay fresh longer by storing it in the refrigerator below 40°F after use. 

It has gained popularity almost everywhere because of its relatively low cost, high fibers, and balanced with high protein. Also, his product contains low fat and low cholesterol. 

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Which Is Better Homemade Or Store-bought Hummus?

All food materials would last for a shorter period if they are not stored properly. All products are best according to the best by date and expiration date. When the dip is left open and unrefrigerated, then it may be exposed to various bacteria and microbes can accelerate its spoilage and go wrong if it is left for too long. 

Canned hummus will not spoil easier as it is store-bought which is prepared in sterile and contamination controlled environments. Homemade hummus will generally last anywhere from three to four days whereas the store-bought brands last typically for six to seven days after opening.

Always Keep A Check

It is essential to check the product’s expiration date. Hummus shelf life at refrigerated temperature tends to be about one month from the time of purchase and give or take a week. This is a reasonably stable estimate with more massive food brand names. 

Store-bought hummus has the advantage of unique I package high-pressure processing which has almost double the two-month expiration date. We can achieve this expiration date without using any heat-treating or using any unnatural preservatives.

To expand its life put it in the freezer and you can expect it to last for up to four months. It drastically lengthens the shelf life of hummus. To keep it like a pro, make sure to freeze it for the best ways to ensure it stays tasty and smooth. 

How to tell if hummus is spoiled?

Fresh hummus does not have much aroma, useless garlic or cilantro has been added, and spoiled has a distinct sour smell. Some hummus use preservatives, which keeps the product fresh beyond the recommendation days.

By opting for the right methods of preservation you can surely enhance the shelf life of hummus. Make sure to practice food safety protocols as well and enjoy it before the shelf life gets expired.

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