The Perfect Mushroom for a delicious Dinner


Dinner would be scrumptious if there is a platter of Creamy Mushroom One-Pot Pasta or Wild Mushroom Tart placed on the table.

Who does not like Mushroom?

Mushrooms are like a better alternative to chicken or red meat. While some people swear by mushrooms too and prefer them over the other non-vegetarian dishes. 

It is the fruiting body of a certain type of fungi that grows in damp areas. They grow in various shapes and sizes and their consumption is also different. Also, there are some poisonous mushroom species that cannot be consumed. 

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Origin and Types

Also, let us tell you the origin of the word “Mushroom.” This came from the French term “mousse”. This meant moss, which grows in damp areas. It was presented as eatable in the 15th century in England.

The most common mushroom that is found in the market place is known as the bisporus, and another one is called sporophore.

Sporophore is a type of mushroom that looks like a cap and stalk or popularly said as an umbrella. The bottom of this mushroom type is a chain of strands that grows underground. Honey mushroom is an example of this.

Has your mushroom turned bad? Find it out yourself

Today mushrooms are found and eaten worldwide. They are even now cultivated in private areas and are sold at a greater price in the market. No doubt they form a yummy dish.

But can you tell by the look if the mushrooms are bad? Since they are grown on farms and sold in packets, but they are perishable and rot away at a specific time.

Like the other vegetables, they do not have a greater shelf life and in that case, you need to examine it before you buy them. Mushrooms can be bought and be kept in the refrigerator but not longer than 9 to 10 days.

And as we discussed there are varieties of edible mushrooms so you have to learn how to tell if the mushrooms are bad. So, here is a bit of a suggestion.  Generally, by touching and feeling it with your hands, you can find out the rotten one. The rotten one would be soft and the color would get dark. There will also be a slimy feel in your hands. This is the beginning of the rotting process and slowly the whole mushroom rots.

If you want, you can dispose of the mushroom at the slimy stage or you can also quickly cook and keep in the fridge which extends their life a bit longer. 

Facts about the mushroom’s shelf life

It would be wise to keep your mushroom unpeeled in your refrigerator to increase their longevity. Or, if you are planning it long, then you can shallow cook your mushrooms before storing them in the deep freezer for a minimum of 6 months. 

But, if the mushroom totally rots away, it is better not to consume them as they start to form molds and they might also turn poisonous.

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