Is It Safe to Use Aluminium Foil In Microwave?


Are you the one who loves the fragrance of freshly baked cupcakes? Do you plan to bake a turkey for a family dinner this weekend? Well, cooking or baking can quickly be done if you have the magical microwave oven in your kitchen. Many things have evolved their form over time, and so is the way of cooking.

Can you microwave aluminum foil or is it acceptable to use any utensil in the oven? Well, as impressive as it sounds to use a microwave, it is equally tricky. You can’t just use your usual household utensils in the oven. There are some specific guidelines for operating a microwave oven. But you need not worry since we have got you the solution to every concerned question you might have.

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Can you Put Aluminium Foil in the oven?

It is all on the basic structuring and functioning of the microwave oven that decides the type of materials that can be used or not. A microwave oven functions entirely by emitting microwaves that are of similar frequency as radio frequencies used in television.

These waves are absorbed by food items that heat them. It is always advisable to avoid covering food with metal utensils as they do not allow the waves to pass through.

Though the little number of aluminium foils can be used in the microwave oven but using an entire utensil or lid is always prohibited. As such an act can completely stop the transmission of microwaves.

What if You Use Aluminium Foil in Microwave Oven?

Using metal utensils of aluminum foil in the oven can lead to arcing or spark in the range. If your oven has a glass turntable, then a little amount of foil can be used. But those with metallic turntables should altogether avoid metallic items to prevent any misfortune.

Always try to use a new and plain foil to prevent arcing. Any spark or arcing can damage the oven permanently. Always take care not to use microwave empty as well to avoid spark.

Final Takeaway

Well, when it comes to the microwave oven, owing to one and using it is entirely a different task. One must read the user manual before operating it.

Though things can sometimes be minor neglecting those mistakes and repeating them can lead to some huge mishaps. With this detailed guide, you must have known by now whether you can use aluminum foil in the oven or not. 

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