Four Best Substitutions For Molasses When You Run Out Of It


For those who don’t know, molasses is a product made from sugar and is mostly used in traditional recipes. However, in case you don’t have molasses present in your kitchen, then there are quite a few substitutions for it that you can use.

What are Molasses?

Molasses are a dark syrup that is made by processing the sugar from sugar canes or sugar beets. After the refining process, the juice that is extracted is made to boil into a mixture and from there the sugar crystals are extracted. There remains a brownish liquid and that is called molasses.

You can use molasses in making gingerbread, baked beans, sweet sauce, pies, cakes, porridge, etc. But if you are not so much a fan of molasses or have less in stock then you can also look for alternatives that would work and taste just like molasses. 

Best Substitutions For Molasses
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Best Substitutions For Molasses

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is one best substitute for molasses. Also, you need to add ¾ of the quantity of molasses in the recipes.  Brown Sugar is mostly added in granulated form and the darker ones possess almost the same flavor as molasses. And since it is in a dry form, brown sugar can also be used as an ingredient in baking recipes.

Maple Syrup

This syrup has a honey-like consistency and can be seen in different shades of the same color. The darker shade is used as the substitution for molasses. Though the consistency is the same, maple syrup is generally thinner than molasses and that is why this should be applied wisely while baking. While baking, you should generally use one to one ratio but apply in smaller portions.

Dark Corn Syrup

This syrup is also considered as a liquid sweetener but the flavor is very subtle, unlike the molasses. You can easily replace one cup of molasses with a cup of dark corn syrup. The application of dark corn syrup tastes very appealing in gingerbread cookies.

Golden Syrup

This product is very much popular in England and the royal household. Golden Syrup is processed by evaporating sugarcane juice till it becomes thick, of fatter consistency, and golden color.


So, the above-mentioned substitutions for molasses are not only healthy but also work as the best alternatives when you don’t have molasses stocked in your kitchen or when you intend to skip molasses in your recipes. Let us know your experience or feedback on these substitutes in the comment below.

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