Why digital dentistry?


With the ongoing advancement in technology, there’s no doubt that digital is the future. Whether you talk about your regular day to day life or you think about health and medical treatment, every aspect of our life is widely dependent on technologies.

Following the trend, the dental industry is moving towards digital dentistry techniques. Recent advancement in dentistry has involved the adoption of several digital technologies in all forms, improving the quality of care as well as patient experiences.

If you are still unaware of these advancements, read on this article to find more about what is actually mean and what are the applications it serves concerned with your dental health.

digital dentistry

Different Digital Dentistry Options

Digital dentistry is a broad topic in itself. In simple terms, it refers to the use of dental technologies and tools backed with digital and computer-controlled components. Dentists can now choose from a lot of different digital dentistry options such as :

  • CAD/CAM restorations: This includes computer-aided crown manufacturing and computer-aided implant dentistry to help with design and fabrication of various surgical guides.
  • Digital radiography: Dentists are opting for both intraoral and extraoral digital radiography as it offers lower radiation along with reduced time and image enhancements for improved viewing.
  • Controlled delivery of nitrous oxide.
  • Shade matching: Unlike physical shade guide, computer matching techniques offer more precise and correct shade matching options.
  • Occlusion and TMJ analysis and diagnosis
  • Intra-oral cameras: IOCs have a tiny camera that detects more details than a conventional X-ray can. It provides detailed 3-D pictures that are much easier to interpret in terms of analysis.
  • Computerized case presentations
  • Imaging for implant placement
  • Digital impressions
  • Digitally based surgical guides

Benefits of digital dentistry

A large number of dentists in Winchester and other cities of England are opting for digital dentistry because of the numerous advantages it has to offer. Some of the most prominent benefits of digital dentistry include:

●       Accuracy and Precision:

Unlike mechanical and electrical tools and technologies, digital components offer increased accuracy in terms of diagnosis of different symptoms as well as offering the relevant restoration treatment. For instance, a large number of dentists are using digital imaging rather than conventional X-rays to get a better insight into the patients’ symptoms for various dental issues. This also improves the predictability of outcomes and helps the dentists foresee the outcomes of various procedures and deliver a better patient experience.

●       Easier Implementation:

With the ongoing evolution in the digital dentistry, the restoration and implementation of different procedures have become much easier. Dentists are now opting digital X-rays and digital imaging sensors to plan the treatment procedure in a much better way.

●       Saves Time:

When your dentist has the accurate reports for your problem, he can easily offer the exact required solutions that kick in much earlier than the conventional methods. This saves a lot of time for both patients as well as dentists.

●       Cost Efficient:

The fact that digital dentistry is much more precise and result driven, it actually saves the cost that used to be wasted due to the imperfect molds and crowns for dental restoration processes.

●       Patient Record Management:

This is one of the most commonly seen advantages of digital evolution in the dental industry. As a dentist, you can easily manage a large number of patients along with their complete data. Whether you simply want to save their appointments or keep track of their treatment process so far along with their reports and medications, a well planned patient tracking software can help you with this. This makes it easier for dentists to handle multiple patients more efficiently and offer them a better service.

●       Satisfied Patients:

With the ever-increasing demands of patients, it’s difficult to keep them satisfied. With the help of digital dentistry, dentists can now offer more precise and customized solutions to each patient. Like in the case of misalignment treatment, individuals are more satisfied with Invisalign treatment rather than the conventional metallic braces. Invisalign is the accurate example of digital dentistry where it uses a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth to offers fully-customized aligners.

Another important advantage worth mentioning includes the opportunity for dentists to collaborate and work remotely to offer even better services to their patients. With leading-edge technology and equipment at their disposal, Solutions Dental Clinic is offering promising services, leading to happy and satisfied patients.