How Saturn transit to Sagittarius affect the houses in your Natal Chart?


Saturn is a gargantuan planet, and it is placed farthest from the Earth vis-à-vis other planets. It Moves very slow, and it spends around 2.5 years in every single sign. There are a lot of fears associated with the Saturn as per the Vedic astrology because of so many associated obstructions, restrictions, delays & challenges. Though there are very few houses where if placed, Saturn can give amazing results like the 3rd, 6th and 11th house where the Natal Moon was placed at the birth time of the person. But otherwise, it is generally malefic and has negative repercussions on the life of the person. At mPanchang, we offer free online birth chart analysis so that you can find about such transits and their effect on your life.

Saturn transit to Sagittarius

Saturn transiting into Sagittarius

Saturn is the symbol of Karma and now is transiting into Sagittarius which is the 9th Zodiac. The Sagittarius is considered to be the symbol of adventure, foreign travel, meditation, spirituality, luck, charity, higher education, law, philosophy, faith, etc. When the Saturn is transiting, it will add more character to the Sagittarius sign and the house as well where the Saturn is transiting. As per the traditional astrology, the Transits are calculated as per the Moon sign, but there are a lot of updates being done in astrology so it can be checked as per the Ascendant as well.

Let’s take a look at the effect this transit is going to have on other Zodiac signs.

Aries– Saturn is instructing that you should follow the path of spirituality strictly. Saturn is considered to be a very stringent planet, and when it transits, you may get opportunities for testing your level of spirituality.  All matters related to the 9th house of your horoscope will go through a lot of transformation in the coming days.

Taurus– The transit of Saturn is going to affect your financial situation considerably. It will be a very tricky situation, and you should not spend recklessly or deal with some malicious money deals because you may suffer losses. It’s a significant period to learn a lot especially from your partners. The Saturn is going to stimulate the 8th house of inheritance, mystical science, Finance, Insurance, transformation, research, etc.

Gemini– The transit of Saturn warns you that you should be very careful. If you are trying your hands in the international business, then you may face delays and issue in foreign travel. Also, you are advised to be cautious and not indulge in anything that is unlawful and malicious. It’s time to put your entire focus on your career. Saturn will transit through the 7th house of passion, business relationships, business associates, spouse, fertility, occupation, foreign travel & contracts.

Cancer– For Cancer, Saturn will be passing through the 6th house of enemies, workplace, diseases, health, debts, emotional struggles, competitors, disputes & opponents. When it transits through the 6th house, then it is considered to be good in general, but again it depends on the way Saturn is placed in the birth chart.

Leo– The transit of Saturn will make you very extrovert, and you will interact a lot with youth groups and children. Be very careful when you make any new investments. Saturn will move through the 5th house of children, self-promotion, romance, creativity, youth groups, children, fun, entertainment & speculative businesses.

Virgo– You will be engrossed in dealing with the matters related to your family during this transit. You will shoulder numerous responsibilities at your home, and you may enter into a real estate deal as well. Be extremely cautious while you deal with real estate property. The old females in your family will need your care and help while the Saturn will transit through the 4th house of ancestors, ancestral property, parents, family & home.

Libra– This transit will make you think about starting your own new venture. However, you will have to put in some good efforts so that there are visible results. Your relationship with your relatives and siblings would be significant for you. The Saturn will transit through the 3rd house of training, short excursions, writing, media, siblings, short courses, electronics, media & technology.

Scorpio– You will have to be very careful about your financial matters, and your career may undergo some change. Throughout the transit of Saturn, your focus area will be your finance. The Saturn will transit through the 2nd house of family, self-worth, tangible assets, money & speech.

Sagittarius– This transit will make you go through a lot of transformation, and you will become a better and mature person. This phase will trigger you to learn more, and you may change your career as well. You will also focus on your health and vitality due to this transit. You will have to mellow down while you deal with your colleagues and subordinates; do not get aggressive if you wish to maintain your personal and professional life.

Capricorn– Do not do anything that may interfere with your health & peace. During this transit of Saturn, your health, emotional status & workplace will go through a major transformation. Be very careful and cautious with your finance, emotional & physical strength, colleagues and workplace.

Aquarius- Due to the transit of Saturn, you will clearly see the changes in your friendships. Long term associations, wishes, youth groups, hopes, gains, joint projects, children will go through a significant transformation during this transit of Saturn. You will be inclined towards joining some new groups as well, but, be very careful while you work within the teams. You will have to put in a lot of efforts in the projects of long term duration.

Pisces– You will be given the reward of additional responsibilities due to this transit of Saturn. Be very cautious and careful about how you behave in the workplace. Saturn represents Karma, and when you take the right actions, then the results will be good. Your 10th house of bosses, social status, ambitions, career & authority will be roaring due to this transit of Saturn.