Nothing fits better in a Healthy Recipe than a Veg and Non-Veg combo


Healthy-Recipe-than-a-Veg-and-Non-Veg-comboEver wonder what if you get a taste bud enlightenment and your health also doesn’t get affected? It seems perfect, right? Well, the blend of tasty yet nutritious meals directly finds a place in the healthy recipe category and is a foodie’s paradise.

For some food is life and for some even if it’s their life, they cannot eat much due to acute or chronic diseases and fear of putting on weight. This article is a guide to those kinds of people as it includes an amazing recipe which consists of both vegetable’s benefits and meat’s gustatory sensation.

Recipe: Chicken Salad

Ingredients needed;

  • Whole chicken sliced into pieces and cooked roughly
  • Chopped celery and bell pepper of different colors.
  • Chopped fine lettuce, green olives, and onion
  • Fresh lemon juice, salt, mayonnaise, yogurt and black pepper
  • Large bowls, tomato and roundly cut lemons for decoration

All the above ingredients must be taken keeping in mind the number of people it has to be served to and the amount will be accordingly to it.

Procedure of making chicken salad:

First, we have to obviously roast the chicken or fry it with almonds and other sauces to make it befitting for our consumption. Then, after it cools down to a normal level, we have to whisk it with the salad part.

The veggie here is made by rounding up the mayonnaise and yogurt with the other ingredients like bell pepper, onion and celery to give it a creamy layer.

Then the lemon juice and chopped olives are added for further taste enhancement (those who have a sour tooth can add extra lemon juice for a sour taste) of the salad part. And lastly, both these items are mixed carefully in the large bowl and decorated beautifully with pieces of tomatoes and freshly cut lemons.

Finally, the dish is ready to be served- full of taste and nutritious value!

Nutritional information:

As this recipe contains both veg and non-veg food items, so its clear that we get all kinds of nutritional requirements that fulfill the hygiene part in any meal.

The chicken provides us protein while the green leafy vegetables give us vitamins and minerals. Its depicted that in a 100 gm of a chicken salad, it contains 48 calories, but that’s not too much to worry about when compared to the other nutrition we are getting via this meal.

So, this is an ideal meal for all the self-conscious people out there who are food junkies too. A whole lot of people prefer tasty food over healthier ones and that lands them into some serious weight issues.

This recipe has evolved as a winner in the custom-made recipes category and has proved beneficial for those who are health conscious and at the same time has great affection towards tasty food too. A healthy recipe is all you need to remain healthy as it not only solves your hunger problems but also leaves you with a rejoicing mood to cherish for long.