Want to buy ruby jewellery? Here are some tips that might help you to select the best Ruby Stones


There is no doubt to the fact that ruby stones are among the most unique ones that are widely different from the other stones. They have a resounding and highly attractive red colour which is also the colour for love, affection, and caring.

If you want to gift your wife or your partner ruby jewellery it is a good idea but then what do you know about the quality? This short article here gives a perfect detailed explanation of the things that you need to ascertain that the ruby stone is of the highest quality.

ruby jewellery

Colour of the ruby stone

Most ruby stones you find in the market have a red sapphire  that is remarkably unique. Unfortunately due to lack of knowledge people end up buying the sapphire ruby stones. But if you want to purchase ruby jewellery of the highest quality then going for the pigeon red colour is the best. These tones are generally of the best quality and prices.

Three parameters come to buying a ruby stone and these are hue, saturation and tone. The best ruby stones should have a dominant hue  with saturation levels and the tone level being at least 6 on the scale or even higher.

Clarity of the stone

When it comes to buying ruby jewellery you want to buy the stones that have the highest clarity. In general the more transparent the stone the more pricey it is. In general, a raw stone is almost impossible to find today. Most ruby stones have some form of inclusions such as a gas bubble or a fluid or even small amounts of minerals.

You need to ensure that such forms of inclusions do not hinder the looks of the stone and such that it does little structural damage to the stone.

Understanding the heat treatment for ruby stones

When you see commercially produced ruby jewellery, most of them undergo heat treatment. In this treatment, the ruby stone is approximately heated to as much as 1800 degrees Celsius.

The heat treatment is done to further increase the clarity and the colour of the stone. It does not have any kind of structural or durability damage on the stone.

ruby stone

Knowing about the carat size

Do you know of what size the ruby stones are generally found in the market? Well, the ones that are mostly used for making ruby jewellery mostly have one or two carats maximum. You find a higher carat size you are very lucky as more than two-carat ruby is extremely rare.

If you are on the hunt for a larger size ruby stone then you might have to go for the synthetic size as getting a larger carat size for authentic natural ruby stones is extremely rare.

Knowing about the origin of your ruby stone

The most famous ruby jewellery stones are from Burma. Yes, but in today’s generation, they have become extremely rare and highly precious. If you are on the hunt for a two-carat original Burmese ruby stone you will need to have a pocket-size of around a couple of million dollars.

Apart from this ruby mining is extremely popular in the Asian countries of Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Pakistan and in the African countries of Mozambique and Zambia.

Choosing your style

You can select the ruby stone on any type of metal such as gold. Even you can make any type of jewellery item such as rings, pendants, necklaces, or even go for mixed stones such as ruby and emeralds at the same time.

Keeping the above-mentioned things in mind at the time of buying ruby jewellery will help you to find out the best ruby stones. You are now ready to go out and treat yourself with that ruby.