12 Best Carbs to Eat Everyday


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When it comes to a carbohydrate diet, it is advisable to know what carbs are good and those that are bad for your health. Bad carbohydrates are not supposed to be in your meal on daily basis no matter how sweet they might be. There are a lot of good sweet carbs for the everyday diet that can actually improve your body and maintain you in good health by preventing your body from acquiring lifestyle degenerative diseases. It might be a challenge selecting the best carbohydrate diet and that is why we came up with a summarized article on the 12 best carbs to eat every day.

12 Best Carbs To Eat Everyday

1) Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole Wheat Pasta is one of the high rich carbs in existence today. The unrefined pasta has three to four times more fiber than the normal refined pasta varieties. To add on to that, the unrefined pasta is so delicious. Anything whole combines all the nutrients.

Fiber is known to prevent constipation and aids in good bowel movements. It aids in the absorption of food. Additional research shows that a fiber-rich diet has weight loss properties.

2) Barley

Barley is a high fiber-rich diet. When taken, barley helps you stay nil per oral for longer periods since it makes you feel satisfied. This makes you eat less than the normal days thus ensuring you don’t get overweight. Barley also stimulates hormones in the gut helping you to control your appetite and metabolism.

3) Whole Corn Kernels

These are naturally occurring nutritious fiber diet that offers a higher level carbohydrate diet. The fiber in Whole corn kernels is both insoluble and soluble. The insoluble fibers help prevent constipation by making the bowels soft and bulky. The soluble fibers prevent absorption of cholesterol which predisposes us to a greater risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

4) Brown Rice

Brown rice has enormous amounts of nutrients including fiber, magnesium and vitamin B6. The color and the taste of brown rice is so enticing and you feel great when munching the whole lots of nutrients unrefined. You can serve brown rice with fried chicken wings prepared by the sumptuous nuwave air fryer. Taking meals while balancing your calorie intake is great but taking meals with low caloric content is even wiser. Lastly, brown rice is 100% devoid of refined sugars and artificial flavorings.

5) Oat Meal

This is one of the best high carbs diet that is readily available in the stores. It works as an appetite suppressor. It makes you feel ‘okay’ by reducing your hunger craving ability making you feel more fuller. This is the long run helps you reduce your daily intake thus assisting you cut weight in a simple way.

6) Green Peas

As healthy as the look, green peas are the most nutritious types of carbs that you can never miss in your meal. A single full cup delivers up to 8 grams of both proteins and fibers. It is also a great source of the zinc element which has been medically proven to prevent diarrhea instances. Zinc has also been linked to increasing levels of the Leptin hormone.

7) Legumes

Legumes are members of the pea family which have been used a lot in ensuring consumers get a functioning healthy body. Among the best carbs in the legume family include white and black beans. Black beans especially have great amounts of soluble fiber which prevents absorption of cholesterol which is bad for cardiovascular health. It also prevents the formation of visceral fat on the waist level which could pose a risk to your cardiovascular health and also your body disfigurement.

8) Sweet Potatoes

These are naturally occurring roots which are readily available in almost all the stores. This is a high rich carbs diet that should be taken every day, especially for a breakfast meal. Not only does it work to make you full almost the entire day, but also ensures you don’t get gastrointestinal tract problems i.e. constipation.

A single piece of sweet potato contains approximately 27 grams of carbohydrates. They also increase the levels of a certain hormone called adiponectin which aids in blood sugar control. This is a good meal for the diabetics. Lastly, sweet potatoes have a low caloric content and with a fat-free content. One of the best carbs to add to your breakfast.

9) Whole Grain Bread

Well, this is the unrefined bread, not the white bread which has been devoid off all the nutrients. The whole grain bread is full of grains that you sometimes get the crunchy feeling of them. It has helped many people cut down weight since it has fat burning properties. The whole grain bread is best for people who suffer from diabetics too since it does not contain lots of sugars.

10) Popcorns

Would you believe that popcorn would show up on this list? It’s good to note that popcorn is made from grains of maize which are very rich in carbs. They are unrefined hence offer the whole grain-rich content to your body. Popcorn makes you feel fuller and is more likely to make you not feel hungry for a longer period of time. By making you feel satisfied, they kill the urge of eating all the time thus forcing you to cut weight in a very efficient way. Popcorn should be on your list today!

11) Bananas

These are very affordable foods rich in carbs. Despite being extremely sweet, a single large banana is equivalent to 31 grams of carbohydrates. Moreover, bananas are rich in an element called potassium levels that improves heart, muscle and nerve functions.

12) Pears

One pear fruit weighing about 100 grams has 15 grams of carbohydrates. Recent research conducted by the Annals of Medicine proves that young adults who consume at least 30 grams of foods rich in fiber i.e. pears lost approximately 5 lbs each year. Pears are very rich in fibers which makes it your best shot for an everyday smooth transition.


To sum it up, consuming the right food edges you far from acquiring a lifestyle disease. Choose the natural carbs which are rich in nutrients, low in caloric content, high in fiber diet and lastly, low fat and cholesterol levels. The above list contains lots of such carbohydrates. Such carbohydrates have proven to be of great benefits apart from being high on fiber. They have rich elements i.e. potassium, they contain fat-free content which helps against numerous diseases and lastly, they have weight loss properties. Consume your carbs diet sagely!