Phlebotomy Chairs – Specifications & Details of Blood Drawing


Phlebotomy is nothing but a process in which blood is drawn from a vein to perform medical tests. This is usually done by using needles or specific surgical apparels. Phlebotomy chairs serve the purpose as same as a common chair, but this type of chair is mainly designed to meet the purpose of drawing blood. Phlebotomy chairs are only used in the hospitals and blood banks.

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The general structure of phlebotomy chairs

Phlebotomy chairs can be classified into certain types based on the material used to build them and based on the functioning of the chair. Blood drawing chairs are generally equipped with armrests which are padded, and it can be flipped, arms adjusters, and with the upholstery. Phlebotomy chairs are manufactured by various manufacturers all over the world. Some of the manufacturers are the market leaders in manufacturing this type of chairs in many countries.

Types of phlebotomy chairs

The phlebotomy chairs are classified into different types. They are as follows:

Blood drawing chair

Blood drawing chair is a basic type of chair which has a drawer associated with it. This chair provides a comfortable seating position for the person who is providing the blood. It has two lengthy armrests that can be adjusted and keeps the elbow of the user flatten. The drawers are placed at both the ends of the chair. The reason for the drawer is to access the equipment as quickly as possible.

Blood drawing chair (Hydraulically adjustable)

The key feature of this type of phlebotomy chair is that this type of chair has a lifting mechanism powered by a hydraulic system. The height of the chair can be adjusted easily using the hydraulics associated with it. The chairs can be rotated into any direction and it can be placed and locked in the desired direction. The armrest available is fully adjustable.

Clinton bariatric phlebotomy chair

Clinton bariatric phlebotomy chair is designed to hold heavyweight which can accommodate nearly 700lbs of weight. These types of chairs also offer completely adjustable armrests, height, foot levelers. After drawing the blood, the armrest can be flipped, and it can be moved away easily out of the way.

Phlebotomy Chairs

The CA lab choice phlebotomy chair with drawer

The CA lab choice phlebotomy chair is known for its heavy-duty assembly which can endure any weight and the chair is very sturdy and firm to withstand heavy weight. By default, this chair can hold the weight up to 225lbs. The chair also has armrests which can be moved in and around as available in Clinton bariatric blood drawing chair. The seating arrangement in this type of chair is made of leather and the drawer doors are completely laminated. The major advantage of the CA lab choice phlebotomy chair is that it can be easily assembled even by a layman. If there is any to move the chair from one place to another, one can easily dismantle it and emoved it without any hardships.

WinCo padded phlebotomy chairs

Wino padded phlebotomy chair can hold the weight of around 300lbs. This chair also has some significant features as available in the previous set of phlebotomy chair. The chair has fully adjustable armrests and when not in use it can be flipped up. The chair has a comfortable seating position and well-padded back. This type of phlebotomy chair is made of steel-frame which is powder coated. This chair is very well known for its durability and long-lasting life. The footrest can also be flipped when not in use.

So, these are some of the popular types of phlebotomy chairs and you can choose one according to your needs.