Top 5 Choices to Impress your Husband with a Gift


It is said that men better understand the balance of life and cash. They like saving for retirement, providing the best to the kids, and probably fulfilling your wishes. What about their wants? Are they still respect, emotional intimacy, praise, acceptance, and physical connection?

But, the world is changing, and so is the role of men and women. Now we expect the men in our families to take care of our kids while we are away, and cook a meal or two. So they need to be appreciated more. And, gifting them, the perfect present would be the number one choice.

Here are our top five gift choices for your hero:

A stellar grooming kit


Sporting a  well-shaved face or a manicured beard is the most daunting task for men.  They may not feel like doing it every morning. A useful present for every man would be top-notch electric razors and high-quality grooming goods that produce amazing results in a matter of minutes.

An energizing face scrub to combat ingrown hairs, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave lotion as a package can put a smile on your husband’s face. You can also include shower gels with soothing aromas of mint, sandalwood, and clary sage.

Fashionable bracelets

The fashion world has finally embraced our men. After all, why should women have all the fun? Among all the accessories for men, it is the bracelet that one can experiment a lot. Some societies have a tradition of wearing them.

You can give it a modern twist with new bracelets that come in many hues and materials. Haven’t you seen the movie stars sporting a sturdy one?

They are ‘the Man’ thing in the case of men’s jewelry. The men bead bracelets made from natural stone are for the casual look, whereas the metallic ones are for formal wear. Wooden and leather bands can fit with all outfits.

An essential wallet


Women tend to have a minimum of two or three handbags at a time. They change it according to the attire and occasion. But when did your husband last change his wallet? Men do not replace them even if it is faded and cracked. The wallets will also bulge with obsolete cards. Maybe it is in the pockets most of the time, so they do not care about its appearance.

But wallets need to be safe, and one cannot afford to lose cash, bank cards, and identity cards. Nowadays, there are hi-tech wallets with RFID blocking technology. So, you can choose a modern ultra-safe wallet that reflects his style and is suitable to pair with all outfits.

A nice phone stand

Today we cannot imagine our lives without phones. We use it to access the web, send messages, emails, watch movies and videos, take photos and selfies, and the list goes on. But, holding them in our hands for a long duration becomes inconvenient. Most of us experience stiff neck and numb fingers. A phone stand could do away with these issues.

With a firm stand to hold the phone, reading, watching movies, or attending a video call becomes a lot easier. It lets people multitask. Your husband can attend a Skype meeting and work on the laptop simultaneously. A phone fixed on the stand is much safer too.

So, say a big no to a cracked mobile screen. And, the most significant problem that the phone stand solves is that you need not waste time and frantically run around the house to hear the phone vibrate. Nowadays, the phone stands come with key and stationery holders too.

A good perfume

One thing that ups the confidence level is the signature perfume. With it, you leave a mark wherever you go. No woman likes her husband to be a sweaty disgusting mess.

Moreover, its women who are more interested in the science of style, so are the ones to choose the right scent for their husband. You can go for a unique, classy, long-lasting smell that could be worn everywhere. Or go for a personalized perfume hamper with two or three of his favorite fragrances. It will surely help both of you bond better.

Giving gifts is a way to communicate love and care. Ultimately you want your partner to feel thankful for your efforts. Your gifts need not always have that wow factor. They could be something that your husband has wished for a long time but not yet got them.

Such gifts would show how much we care for them and how thoughtful we are. It also implies a good understanding of their preferences and personalities. So, to give the best gift to your husband, you should get close and know his wants.

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