When Would You Contact With An Emergency Dental Care?


Did you meet with an accident? Did you fall while playing sports? Are you bleeding too much? There are many questions which need to be answered to understand emergency dental care. You must understand when you need emergency dental care and if you suffer from any fatal injury then you must contact your nearest emergency dental care.

emergency dental care

When you need emergency dental care?

We may suffer from different oral injuries at any point of time due to accidents, sports, biting hard foodstuffs. We may suffer from a broken tooth or chipped tooth or nerve damage or fracture, but do you really need emergency dental care for the treatment of such dental problems?

No, only when there is severe bleeding and damage, you must enter the emergency room, and other dental problems such as denture issue, yellowing teeth and cavity problems, you can contact your dentist for medication. You can always connect to the emergency room at any point of time to heal your injury quickly.

How to prevent emergency dental care?

It is important to understand that dental injuries majorly happen through sports or during accidents. Any trauma can cause the mouth to bleed and lacerate the gums or fracture the tooth. There are different ways in which emergency dental care can avoid:

  1. Wearing thick mouthguards: Many children suffer from severe tooth damage and oral injuries during sports. Therefore, wearing thick mouthguards can lessen the damage by protecting their mouth. Not only children, but adults who are into Boxing, and other athletic games can also wear such masks or helmets to protect their face.
  2. Avoid eating hard foodstuffs: Many times people attempt at breaking hard foodstuff like walnuts and candies which may break the tooth and damage the nerves. It is suggested to avoid such cases and use your mixer grinder to grind such hard food ingredients.
How to prevent emergency dental care

What to do during emergency dental injuries?

Whenever someone suffers from a mouth injury, keep calm and take the first aid steps before heading to the doctor in an emergency.

  1. Toothache:  If your child or any other family member suffer from a toothache, then first examine his mouth to see any cavity or inflammation. Ask the patient to gargle warm water with salt to reduce the pain.
  2.  Broken tooth: If a permanent tooth breaks due to an injury, then ask the patient to clean his mouth with water. You must rinse the tooth with cold water and try to hold it in the place from where it is broken. If it doesn’t fix, then consult with the dentist for implementing denture.
  3.  Fractured Jaw: If a person suffers from trauma in their head or jaw part, then immediately visit the emergency room in a dental clinic. If the patient is conscious, ask him to clean his mouth to remove all the blood.
  4. Chipped tooth: Many children offer damage a part of their tooth while playing. One must be careful that the lips aren’t infected due to the chipped tooth or any rough edges. Rinse the mouth of the victim to remove tiny pieces of a tooth from the mouth of the patient. If possible, save all the chipped parts of the tooth in cold milk.

Emergency can happen at any time with anyone, hence one must be educated about the first aid steps to handle emergency dental care. It is always best to take professional treatment if there is any kind of facial injury because we never understand what has happened within the nerves or gums.

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