How to Stop Eye Twitching Immediately


Eyelids act as a natural barrier to protect our eyes from any foreign substance by obstructing them. Also, the blinking of the eyelids lubricates our conjunctiva and hence keeps our eyes moist. Though it is an accessory organ, it is of much importance when it comes to the protection of our eyeball. However, sometimes the blinking of our eyelids become irregular and repetitive. This is described as eye-twitching. Eye twitch is the irregular and repetitive muscle spasms around the eyelids. Eye twitching mainly occurs on the upper lid. In rare cases, people experience these spasms on the lower lid as well. Under mild normal conditions, the tug at the lids is gentle and hence does not cause more problems. But, those who suffer from blepharospasm, experience intense spasms in their eyelids which can be extremely discomforting.

Eye twitching

Eyelid twitches are muscular contractions that become irregular and with it the rate of blinking also undergoes a drastic change. Stress, allergies, dry eye,  lack of sleep and consumption of caffeine and alcohol are some of the causes of eye twitching. Eye-twitching is one of the responses to stress that is seen in many people, especially those who experience ocular strain. Intake of too much caffeine causes the muscles of the eyelids to contract irregularly and repetitively. This, in turn, tugs at the eyelids, closing them every now and then. The lubricating fluid that drains the external surface of the eyeball sometimes dries up. This leads to eye-twitches in people having dried conjunctiva. The eyelids close automatically to lubricate the surface as many times as possible. The dryness of the eyes is mainly caused due to insufficient tear secretion or when the tears from the eyes evaporate.

Eye allergies can cause the release of histamine into the tissues of the eyelids. This histamine leads to muscular contractions spasms thereby causing eye-twitches. It is proved that lack of sleep is a leading cause of fatigue. This fatigue is not only experienced in muscles of the body but also in the eyes. Sleep deficiency causes the eyes to become strained and this is why eye-twitching is commonly seen in people who suffer from insomnia.

Yet another reason that results in eye twitching is alcohol. Alcohol consumption dilates the muscles and leads to improper muscular coordination and therefore cause eye twitches.  When it comes to treating eye twitching, natural ways are preferred because they do not harm other parts of the eye. Here are some effective natural ways to reduce eye twitching.

Banana Intake

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium. Both these nutrients are responsible for maintaining contraction of muscles and help the muscles to relax. Deficiency of these nutrients in the body can cause twitching of the eyelid muscles as magnesium plays an important role in cell and tissue function. This is why inclusion of bananas in one’s daily diet is imperative to reduce eye-twitching.

Application of rose water

Rose water is an effective method of getting relief from tired ocular muscles. Eye muscles get tired when eyes overwork which causes strain in the eyes. Strained eyes have a greater likelihood of experiencing eye twitching. Application of rose water can reduce the tiredness from the eyelids and hence helps in reducing the twitches. To get the benefits of rose water, dip two cotton pads in rose water and place them over your eyes for ten minutes. This will rejuvenate sore muscles around the eyes and provide relief from twitching.


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Cucumber Slices

Cucumber is a vast reserve of thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients help in proper muscular coordination and help in reduction of twitches. Also, cucumber imparts a relaxing effect on the outer regions of the eyes to cure the tiredness of eyes. Slice a cucumber and place two slices on your eyelids and close your eyes. Let them work for 20 minutes for best effect.

Potato Slices

Potato juice gives relief to strained eyelids when placed over the eyelids. The cooling and stress-relieving effect of raw potato helps in reducing eye-twitches. Simply cut a potato into two slices and place them over your eyes.  Another way to benefit from the goodness of potato is to peel and grate a raw potato and place the grated potato over your eyes and cover them with a thin gauze.

Calcium Intake

Calcium and phosphorus are important for maintaining the proper functioning of the nerves and also ensure proper neural coordination. Therefore, increasing the intake of calcium and phosphorus helps in reducing eye twitching by establishing proper neural coordination in the eyelids.

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