Say Goodbye to the Wet and Uncomfortable Days with the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins


In the days when women experience periods, they do not only bleed but suffer several other complications along with it. From being wet for the entire day and night to suffering period cramps, these days are indeed tough in the life of every woman. 

This is a natural phenomenon and we have to accept and embrace it every month. But it doesn’t mean that we will set a mentality like it comes every month so we have nothing to do about it and we have to live with it no matter what and sit back and feel grumpy! 

With the growing world, we must also learn to make life better for women during their menstruation days by providing them with much-needed comfort and relaxation. 

From making good sanitary napkins to switching to tampons, women must experience relaxation during these 5 days of the month and live life normally. And with the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins, the days of sunshine has arrived!

Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins

Reasons why the cotton pads from Everteen are worth your buy

  • They have anion strips which help in the prevention of bacterial growth which in turn eliminates the vaginal odor during menstruation. It also relieves menstrual discomfort.
  • The pads have a large surface area and breathable bottom which allows heat and moisture to pass thoroughly to keep the pad in a dry condition.
  • The sterilized air-laid paper helps in better absorption of the menstrual blood by guiding it towards the superabsorbent polymer center.
  • These pads are designed with both side protection to prevent leakages and further discomfort.
  • They are super affordable as compared to the other contemporaries and have better qualities than them.
  • No need to worry about the discomfort of wet napkins anymore when you wear these pads as they have the necessary elements to not only keep the pad dry but also keep it fresh and moisture free for hours even during the heavy flow days.
Cotton Sanitary Napkins

These were some of the qualities that help the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins to deal with your discomfort and uneasiness during the menstruation phase and allows you to stay stress-free throughout the day night!

The closure

Many women complain about getting rashes and feeling disgusted during the first three days of menstruation phase when the blood flow is heavy. 

It is during this time that they need to be careful and cautious as well because if you do not use a good sanitary napkin or a tampon, it might cause infections or other such clinical conditions which can get severe with time. 

So, maintain the hygiene along with the comfort is very desirable during the periods which is well attained by the Everteen Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins. 

These napkins are made in a way that it does not only help you fight the discomfort but also takes care of your health and hygiene. And the various other reasons to choose these napkins are already mentioned above which can make your decision stronger.