Five Convenient Substitutes For Yogurt


Undoubtedly yogurt is super rich in protein, calcium, and probiotics. But if you are making a recipe and find your pantry running out of yogurt, then here is a list of substitutes for yogurt.

Yogurt is a famous ingredient in several recipes ranging from sauces and dressings to baked goods. But it is expensive, and some yogurts are extremely tangy and strong in flavor that can make somewhat polarizing food. Whether you are out of this all-time favorite ingredient, or you simply don’t like it, we have listed a few options that are cheap, less tangy, and are more likely to be in your fridge to be a great substitute for yogurt.

Substitutes For Yogurt
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If you are a vegan, then avocados can be your ultimate yogurt escape. All you need to do is smash your avocado, and it will work well with sauces, dressings, and even some baked goods. The flavor will be slightly different, but as avocado’s nature’s butter, the taste will be good.

Cream Cheese

You might find that the yogurt toast is becoming more popular lately, but there is nothing as delicious as cream cheese. Cream cheese can be a great substitute for yogurt because it is no less than a delight for the taste buds and feels like a posh dish with cucumber on toasted bread.

Cottage Cheese

Although cottage cheese has a bad reputation because of its tapioca-like consistency, it is a natural powerhouse. Cottage cheese is high in protein, low in sugar, and is full of calcium. You can use it in the same amounts as that of your yogurts, and your recipes will turn out to be awesome. Use it in salads, toasts, cheesecakes, pancakes-the possibilities are infinite.

Sour Cream

If you are finding yogurt to use in your dressings and sauces, then the same amount of sour cream can be a great substitute for yogurt. The best part is sour cream will add a more indulgent bite to your dish and keep the texture the same.


Most people think that buttermilk is gross, but it is rich in flavor. It can help the loaves of bread and cakes to rise and give them a bit of tenderness. You can always use ¼ less buttermilk less than the amount of yogurt that any recipe calls for, and you will end up with mouth-watering recipes.

Enjoy the substitutes of yogurt and give a new twist to your old-school recipes.

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