Morning Sex is Good for your Health – Beneficial and Pleasurable


In all our lives, apparently, we go through stressful situations that put a negative impact on our personal lives. It affects not only the cliche love making process (say sex!) but also faces a deterioration in the integral mood of being romantic with our partners. There comes a time in almost every relationship when people lose interest in being physical with each other, forget having sex at all.

In case of married couples, the situation changes abruptly after the birth of a child when the idea of being intimate takes a side in taking care of the children. It also affects our health because the hormonal changes of our body take a toll on it. Though it’s taken for granted that people only intend to get cozy during the night, there are real benefits and pleasure in having morning sex with our consecutive partners.

Morning Sex
Love Making In The Morning- Beneficial And Pleasurable

Here are the some of the benefits of making love with your partner in the wee hours of the day:

A perfect mood up-lifter for probably the following week – a good sex definitely leads to a good mood. And if it’s done at the beginning of a tiresome working week then the chances of surviving the ‘Monday blues’ or ‘horrendous Thursdays’ are more likely to be pulled down by a majority of individuals.

Oh! But can there be any ‘better way’ to start the day?– well, to be honest, there exists a lesser number of people who do not enjoy lovemaking. Both the partners love the foreplay and the intimacy which is followed thereon. So it can be totally assumed that having morning sex with your better halves can be a great idea to start the day on a cheerful note.

Who doesn’t want to stay in the bed a little longer? (and mostly if it’s about being intimate)– people love being lazy at times, basically in the morning when leaving the coziness of your bed seems a little tougher. To add to it, if they get a chance to be with their loved ones for some time more and share a passionate lovemaking then it emphatically becomes the icing on the cake.

No tiredness of the day gone by means a superb sex life– a day full of workload and then getting back to the monotonous life routine makes people anxious while performing in bed. So morning sex breaks the stereotype of having sex at night after a long and hectic day.

Health benefits can’t be ignored obviously (good for HIM too)- the male testosterone gets a boost after a great sleep or after a longer resting period. Thus the physical intimacy based on a male partner’s capabilities bring about more fantasies while doing it. Moreover, the immune system and other important hormonal activities also become quite active while performing morning sex.

The Takeaway…

Some people see sex as an idea of getting pleasure only while for some it’s being connected with their partner emotionally (obviously they get pleasure in it too!) If we go by the researchers, sex is not only about clinching the thirst of our libidos; it has other benefits too.

The amount of calories burnt after each love making process is not something to be taken casually. Apart from hormonal calmness, it also helps in keeping our immune system on the right track, lowers possibilities of a heart attack, lowers blood pressure, improves the bladder health of the women and many more. A normal sex routine is well appreciated amongst couples but the morning sex definitely holds a better place when it comes to getting pleasure and health benefits as well. The idea of lovemaking is something definitely worth the experience.

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