Health Benefits of Swimming for Infants


Letting your child experience the wonders of the water is one of the best things you can do. Teaching kids how to swim at an early age won’t only give them fun and happy memories; it will also ensure their safety and long-term development.

Swimming for infants and toddlers is one of the best ways for them to engage with the world around them. As a parent, you may feel hesitant to let your child inside a pool since you want to ensure his/her safety first. To give you a stronger sense of security, research shows that children who have taken formal swimming lessons are less likely (88%) to drown than those who have not.

Apart from helping your child stay safe, swimming can make a huge difference in his/her health. By letting him/her tread in water, you’re helping him/her develop his mobility, which can be beneficial to his/her physical wellness for years to come.

To help you discover the health benefits of swimming, the infographic below will discuss everything you need to know.

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