How to Maintain Self-Care While Working from Home


The remote working trend is increasingly gaining traction, leading to more employees and organizations welcoming the work-from-home arrangement. Out-of-office working offers more flexibility and lucrative prospects like the ability to take up international jobs when living in your home country.

Every rewarding opportunity comes with its dark cloud, and for remote working, it is a possible compromise on self-care. Your home is a comfortable and relaxing environment, leading you to inadvertently neglect your physical and mental health when you frequently work from home.

You can adopt some tips to ensure you maintain self-care in an offsite working arrangement so you can get the best of both worlds—get work done and live healthily.


Set Boundaries

There is a danger of working extended hours when you work from home. But, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to be working whenever you are in the house. Such a trend can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

To take care of yourself, have the time and space to do so. Set boundaries with your company and let them know when you are available or not available. Even though you are working remotely, the work hours still apply.

It is okay to occasionally take up extra tasks when there is a work emergency but, working long hours too often may deteriorate your health. Provide reasonable concessions on extra work and ensure that your well-being comes first. 

Create a Routine

If you work from home full-time or most of the time, it is vital to create a routine of having a semblance to working in the office. When in the office, the motions are natural because there are designated tea/lunch breaks and commuting to and from work.

At home, you have to create a routine for a well-balanced life. Create a self-care program such as drinking water every hour or doing a face mask in the evenings. Try to have log-in/off for your workday, signaling when you are working or when you are in “me time.”

You can opt to drive around the block or go for a walk to simulate the “commute” to and from work. Daily routine influences the quality of body rest and increases focus and performance throughout the day.

Eat Healthy Snacks

The home environment means easy access to food/snacks throughout the day. Binging on unhealthy snacks all day is a sure way of compromising your health. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day when hunger bites so you don’t get low energy or sleepy. Healthy snacks help keep you alert and active so you can take care of business and yourself.

Healthy eating is also a way to show love and care to your body consistently. Replace the oily/sugary bites with healthy alternatives like fresh fruits, low-fat yogurt and cheese, unsalted nuts, etc. You will be more energetic all day and preempt future health problems—prolonged sitting can lead to metabolic illnesses.   

Take Breaks

When you work from home, you typically lose track of time because of the lack of distractions associated with being in the office. Try taking breaks throughout your workday to go for a walk or grab a coffee. The recess is essential to renew your energy and focus to become more productive throughout the day.

The brain needs some time to digest and rejuvenate to work optimally. Habits like standing up and stretching give you a break from sitting for long periods. You also break the monotony of a single activity and reduce your chances of making errors in your tasks.

Stay Active

Although you work from home, it is still critical to move around and not confine yourself to a single space. A sedentary lifestyle is a risk exposure to chronic illnesses. Create a workout routine for yourself to ensure you have proper exercise to compensate for the hours you spend on your seat.

If you have a treadmill or stationary bike, use that throughout the day for some movement if leaving isn’t convenient. Exercising has several benefits like keeping your weight in check, boosting energy, improving moods, etc.

Get Good Sleep

The body needs adequate sleep to function in its prime state. Working from home does not mean you should compromise on your sleep due to long working hours. Prioritize sleep for the ultimate self-care habit. The body needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night for optimal brain and body health.

Make sure your bed and sleep environment are suitable for your specific sleep needs. Get down to the bedding detail to assure yourself of a great slumber. Try a latex mattress known for comfort and support to provide much-needed rest.

Enhance Your Self-Care and Enjoy Working from Home

Many people are excited to work from home but soon discover other aspects beyond the convenience. Juggling work demands leads some remote workers to neglect their care because they want to prove they can be productive out of the office. However, inadequate self-care can lead to compromised well-being and decrease your productivity anyway. Take care of yourself, and enjoy working from home.