Top 4 Mistakes That Will Impact the Jab Precision


Boxing is commonly known as the game of extreme precision. Since you are using your hands only and you cannot kick someone, you need to determine where you are going to hit someone. Apart from this, speed and time matter a lot.

Precision is not just about the place where you will hit but also analyzing how much damage you will be causing. Too much damage or too little damage can backfire easily. Within boxing, there are so many different punching styles and each has its significance. Most people start by learning about the punching technique and after learning the technique they end up polishing it further.

The goal here is to learn when you will be landing the punch to cause enough pain and damage that your opponent will stop retaliating. It is vital to understand that hitting someone too hard or not hard enough can impact the game as well.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the importance of jab. We will further explain how you can improve the precision and some of the most common mistakes that are committed by fighters in the ring.


How to Execute a Perfect Jab?

Jab is known to be one of the most important and most commonly used punching styles. In fact, as a beginner, the first punching style and variation that is taught to the boxer is his jab. Jab is a punch variation that requires you to have a full grip over the dominant hand. The location of the jab is above the neck and mostly the head or face.

However, if you know the technique you can also use it for striking the body. Another very important thing is to have full control over your body because you will be using very calculated body movements. Your economy of movement plays a very distinct role in making jab the first choice.

Unlike other punching styles, you do not have to move too much, just the right technique and sight place and you can get ready to hit. For executing the perfect job, just stay where you are and bring your hand straight in front of you and strike it to your opponent, since you will be listing it at least to your face height, you will be landing the punch at a face height as well.

You will not be pulling back, adjusting your posture, or adjusting your position. You will use your guard, move your punch, strike it and return it to the guard.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Executing a Jab

Since jab is the first choice and very commonly used, sometimes fighters get very overwhelmed and end up using jab in the wrong way. Since jab is simple, there are high chances of mistakes while execution. Some of the main mistakes that are reported by the professional include:

Pulling Back Before Time

You need to keep in mind that jab is straight forward but you need time for execution. Take your time to load up and only pull back when you feel it is the right time. If you pull back before time, your opponent will read your body language and react right away.

Not Returning To Guard

As discussed earlier, you start with the guard and end with the guard. Most people start with the guard but when they execute the punch, they end up dripping their hands. This makes them vulnerable to a reaction that can eventually cause harm.

Leaving Half Way

Another very important part of executing the jab is to extend your hand fully so that you can add to the punching power. You have to keep in mind that extending your hand will make you punch harder and it will do much more damage. If you do not strike hard enough, you will not be taking full advantage of your range.

Over Committing

Staying at the same position after executing a jab means you are not getting back into the guard position right away. This will give your opponent enough time to respond and this can be very dangerous as well.


To sum it all up, boxing is the sweet science that is not just about landing a punch but also how to determine the reaction that it will cause. If the punch will make you vulnerable you might want to reconsider it.

In most cases, people have a good way of executing the punch technically, but they end up making themselves vulnerable. Another very important thing is to learn about the perfect execution at the perfect time.

Punching slowly will not damage anything so you need to improve the speed as well. While most people end up punching someone hard and fast, they forget how to execute it perfectly. Being a professional fighter you need to find the right balance that will link not only the way you will be handling your opponent but also your own body. The right time, right place, the right speed, and the right intensity are all very important if you want to perform better in the ring.

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