How to Keep Protected from Various Sexually Transmitted Diseases?


According to doctors and various reports, sexually transmitted diseases are spreading rapidly than any other illness. There are many personal, social and economic reasons for it. But the major concern is how to keep the people protected from it as more and more individuals are being affected as it has been learned from Online STD Screening.

Online STD Screening

Multiple ways to Protect Yourself

These STDs can easily be transmitted from one person to another by means of different sexual activities. They can be caused by oral, anal or normal sexual intercourse. There are several ways by which you can protect you and your partner from these dangerous diseases. It must be noted that these are not treatments but preventions of these diseases from spreading further.

Discussing STDs

Many people don’t even know what STDs really are. They just know the basics like how they are transmitted, their names and that they are fatal. But half knowledge is nothing at all. In order to fully understand them; you have to discuss it with your partner doctor, friends or family members. In many countries, this topic is forbidden and the rate of growth there is more. So to decrease the risk of talking about it is necessary.

Protect yourself and your Partner

There are many approaches by which you can protect you as well as your partner from getting these diseases. The most popular way of doing it is by using a condom in any type of activity. Then awareness of symptoms is compulsory. At many times the symptoms can duplicate and look like other infections; so it is really crucial that you are fully aware of the sings and not confuse with others.

Set Limitations

The abundance of everything is bad and especially for those actions that can cause harm physically and mentally. Limit for having sexual intercourse must be set. Plus you need to control your urges as well. You can set dates and times for it that doesn’t exaggerate the boundary. Also, find ways to entertain yourself when you think sexual activities are not possible.

Have only one partner

One of the biggest reasons for the STDs to expand is that people adventure with their lives and indulge in activities having two to four partners either at one time or many at different times. You may not know which person was the real culprit from whom you got the disease. Don’t cross your limit and stay loyal to only one person.

Regular Online STD Screening

You can do a self-examination of STDs by taking a questionnaire about various diseases. You can have it online at Healthck where you can know what symptoms you and your partner have or can have in the future. It is totally up to you to decide at what time and date you want to have these screenings.

Treatment is also available

There are at least 20 or more diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact. They can affect every part of the body but the most affected areas are the vagina, penis, mouth, hands and the face. A lot of diseases have long-lasting effects on health and can be transmitted to the babies during pregnancies.

Antibiotic Dosage

If the person is infected with a bacteria or parasite then antibiotic doses are given. It usually happens that only one dosage can affectively cure diseases including; trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis. But more than one dose can also be given if the severity increases or two diseases occur at the same time.

Administering Vaccines

Yes, there are vaccines available for STDs as well; just like any other illness and infection. Normally the vaccine is administered between the ages of 15 to 24. It is not important that a person having the diseases must have it but it can also be taken as prevention of diseases like; HPV, Hepatitis A, B and C.

Antiviral Medicines

HIV and Herpes are the only two diseases that can be treated with antiviral medicines. Viruses of both these STDs remain in your body system throughout your life. The symptoms and diseases occur from time to time but effects can decrease with proper and regular medication. Even the duration and intensity can decline but it can never go away.

Different Topical creams

The various creams can be used to decrease the infection that occurs on the skin. The burns on the genitals and penis can be applied to cream and solutions. The disease that it is used for is HPV; in which the abnormal growth of cells can lead to cancer in extreme cases but it can be treated in early stages.

HIV Medication

Various types of antiviral medications are mixed together to make a single dosage. It is because there is no apparent reason for its development so various drugs are given to decrease the effects.

Antiretroviral therapy

Apart from Online STD Screening another way of reducing the effects of HIV; different medications are given at various stages of the disease to help the affected people and enable them to live longer.