How long the Frenulum takes to heal after Circumcision Surgery?


There are different healing periods for various surgical procedures. The speed of the healing depends on various factors like; the condition of the organ, the procedure used to treat, the medical situation of the patient and the quality of cure and medicines you have received from the medical facility.

The identical situation is with Frenulum in which all the above factors are influencing the healing time after the Circumcision Surgery. In order to confirm and know the right time period of healing; you have to understand everything that there is need to know about Frenulum.

What Happens in Frenulum?

When you look closely at your penis; you will see that there is a tissue connected with the foreskin just underneath the glans. This band is known as Frenulum of the penis. When this band gets short; it restricts the action of the penis. In a normal situation, this tissue is long enough allowing the penis to move easily. The foreskin enables to pull back to its original position. The Frenulum is an extremely sensitive part of the penis so the surgeons and doctors have to be very careful when dealing with this organ.

What are its Symptoms?

Many men don’t bother to look into situations that concern their penis; just because they don’t have time or they don’t think it as something of importance. At first, the symptoms don’t show intensity but as time goes by the magnitude increases and by then it can be too late. The symptoms include;

  1. The penis looks bent at the position where the frenulum of the penis is located.
  2. There is a lot of pain and agony for the patient because the organ is not in its natural position.
  3. This one reason that men can’t perform well with their sexual partners.
  4. It may also happen that this frenulum tears which results in bleeding.
  5. You should not be confused with phimosis as both deals with a foreskin that can’t be pulled back.

Surgical Procedures

Mainly two surgical procedures are recommended by the surgeon to treat this condition. Sometimes the frenulum can tear because of various reasons like; biking, many kinds of sports, extreme physical labor, putting on clothes that are uncomfortable or performing rigorous sexual activities. But it can be a blessing in disguise because the problem is not there as the frenulum gets cut. But proper surgical procedures can heal it completely.


It is a simple procedure in which surgeons in a clinic like Circumcision Center carefully divides the frenulum breve by splitting it into half. Then vertical stitches are applied in the center to close the incision. The surgeons can use any type of anesthesia for this surgery. You can experience normal after-effects like swelling, pain, a little bleeding, infection or a visible scare. But don’t worry as it will go away with the passage of time.


It is the total removal of the frenulum in which topical cream is the best option for this surgical procedure. The surgeon checks the patient whether the anesthesia has fully taken over or not; only then the surgeon does the surgery. Now the surgeon can remove the whole of the frenulum and then stitch it back to the skin. Different medications can ease the pain and preventions must be taken.

Circumcision Surgery

Another effective treatment for this condition is circumcision. The whole of the top foreskin is removed along with the frenulum. This is not done for the men who already had been circumcised. The patients who still have their skin intact are eligible for this surgery. It is the most widely conducted medical procedure in men. You can experience many post-surgical issues but you don’t have to worry as they go away with the passage of time.  

Why you need Treatment?

If the person is experiencing extreme pain during different sexual intercourse or when he has an erection then it becomes necessary to get treatment. Having a cure is really important because to live a satisfying sexual life. The person will feel no pain in different normal activities of daily life.  

How long it takes to heal?

The time of healing is different in various people. But on average, it takes 2 to 3 weeks at least to heal the penis. There are some precautions that the surgeon will give you; so you need to follow them. This will ensure that the healing period is not prolonged.

  1. A little bit of redness and swelling is expected but take care that it doesn’t exceed.
  2. In the modern era, the surgeons are now using dissolvable sutures that fall off after the operated area is completely healed.
  3. As the swelling reduces the bandage falls off and it doesn’t need to be redressed.
  4. After the Circumcision Surgery is done for frenulum; it is important that you restrict yourself from any sexual activity for at least 6 to 7 weeks. Otherwise, complications may develop.
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