Cheese Lovers: Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?


Cottage cheese is the most delicious dairy product which adds a creamy taste to your food. It is a love of all age groups and people like to store it for a long time. 

But is it safe to store cheese for so many days? Can you freeze it in the refrigerator? Let’s jump over it.

Yes surely, you can freeze it but with some basic guidelines. If the cheese has been stored properly then it can last for a week beyond its printed expiry date. Before we proceed, let us know some basic things about Cottage cheese.

Cottage Cheese
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Facts About Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is good to eat when it is fresh. It is very soft made up of milk with different fat levels in it. This type of cheese is very popular among dieters, healthy food devotees, runners, weightlifters, sporty persons, runners, and so on.

It is most appreciated because it contains high protein and low-fat properties. The cheese also comes in different flavors to add a sense of taste to the food.

Important Things To Care For Cottage Cheese

Printed date

The date written on the dairy products packaging is the last date to sell them, not the last date of consuming.


The temperature of the refrigerator should be 40°F or lower than this temperature to keep it fresh.

Unopened Cheese

The unopened cheese can last for 7-10 days if kept in the refrigerator and 3 months when kept in the freezer.

Opened Cheese

The opened cheese can last for 5-7 days in the refrigerator and 2-3 months in the freezer.

Signs Of Rotten Cottage Cheese

Although the cottage cheese is kept properly still there are some conditions in which it can spoil. It is important to maintain safety tips to avoid infections from rotten cheese. Here are some signs which will let you know that your cheeses have gone bad and rotten.

  • If it smells bad or different from usual then throw it.
  • Rotten cheese will change its colors from usual to yellowish.
  • It will start to taste sour when it becomes bad.
  • You will notice the water on the cheese which will change its texture.

The Bottom Line

It is the very basic query of people to clear out because no one wants to deal with their health. The safety tips, ways of storing cottage cheese, and some other measures can maintain the freshness of it.

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