How long does mayo last?


A sweet and savory flavor that oozes out as cheese from your burger is the magic of mayonnaise. Mayo seems like it can last forever, but that’s not actually true. But if you know how long mayo lasts then you can enjoy its delicacy for as long as you wish.

Here you will get to see all information related to mayo’s shelf life. It is also essential to understand how to extend its life period and how to check if the mayo’s are still fresh or not.

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How Long Does Mayo Last?

Mayo consists of egg yolks, oil, and vinegar. For extra it also contains lemon juice. Mainly all other elements except can last for over a year without spoiling, but we all know the case of eggs. Anything can be stored for an extended period but not eggs or meat.

Apart from the eggs from mayonnaise, all other components or ingredients can be stored over a year, and it will not spoil. To know about how long mayo will last make sure to check the label on the jar.

Best By

Don’t get confused on the mayo’s ‘best by’ date with ‘date of expiration’. These two things are very different and ‘best by’ date merely refers to the day until when the product may remain at peak quality. It means you can still use it even past the date.

Quality of Ingredients

Mayo has long-lasting ingredients and preservatives. It will last for two to three months past the date, especially when the jar is unopened. If you see that the oil starts separating, then you just need to stir it to reconstitute.

It is not precisely known only by visiting ‘best by’ date because it also depends on the quality of the ingredients used in the mayonnaise. If the mayo consists of little preservatives, then it will not last for the long term.


Apart from the expiration date or best by date, the freshness and lifelong may also depend on the way it is stored. If it is kept in the refrigerator then mayo can last for 2 to 3 months after its ‘best by’ date but the jar is kept at room temperature, and you will throw that filled jar with mayo as it spoils within eight hours only and is exposed to bacteria.


Mainly mayonnaise can last for two to three months and is adequately kept and stored correctly. Homemade mayo doesn’t expect to last for the long term, and it can only stay for one week if appropriately held in the refrigerator.

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