How can I make my nails pink-and-white at home?


As we all know, it takes a lot of money to get beautiful fingernails, but do you really know the different ways to make them more beautiful? For sure you have seen those celebrity pictures with those long and luxurious fingers. The media always emphasizes how much money they spend on their manicures and pedicures. Well, believe it or not, they are not just lucky, their manicuring experts know a lot of secrets on how to make them more beautiful than ever.

pink nails


One of the tips is to apply a base coat first before putting any polish on the nails. This will help protect them from any kind of polish that is used afterward. It also helps give your finger a better-polished look. Some people are not aware that applying a base coat on the nails actually keeps them clean and healthier. This way, they can avoid having any bacteria on their fingernails.


Then after that, it is time to apply the topcoat. This is done using a brush or a cosmetic tool (nail clippers). You should make sure that the color that you are applying is complementary to the one already being applied to your nails. If you want, you can even use your fingernails to play with different kinds of designs. You can try creating designs like lettering or letters.

Pink Shades

Now that everything has been done, you can finally paint your nails. For that, you should choose a pink shade. As much as possible, it is recommended that you stay away from darker shades of pink. A lighter pink shade will be more attractive.

One of the most common mistakes of manicure users is that they tend to skip this step. Instead of painting the pink strip right to the tip of the nail, they often put it a couple of inches below the nail. This will surely make the pink strip look uneven. So before you begin, make sure that you cover both sides of the nail, especially the underside.


After that, you should move to the next step of decorating the nails. You can play around with different kinds of accessories, such as stickers (these are great because you can easily remove them), gloss, nail glue, etc. If you want to have your nails longer, then you can apply a lot of these products. But remember that if you are not applying them carefully, your link will not grow properly.


After that, you should move on to the filling part. The simplest filling materials are gels. You can just apply them over the entire nail, but if you want to make them appear thicker, then you can use mousse. And to make sure that the design you have applied looks flawless, you should make sure that you clean and wash your hands thoroughly afterward. This will avoid any infection, or dryness of your hands.

Applying Gel

Now, your white and pink nails will be so pretty! Just remember that if you are applying the gel or the mousse on the link, it might take some time. Make sure that you are patient because it will take some time to get the design perfectly. Just like how it is said that practice makes perfect, so do not be late when you practice painting your nails.

Bleeding Polish

Once you have painted your nails, you must be careful so that the pink color does not bleed. Bleeding polish can also be dangerous, especially for people who have weak immune systems. So, you should make sure that the bleeding does not happen. In addition, you need to make sure that the nails are dried before you wear them.

You can also play with your nails to make them look more amazing. If you want your nails to look pinker, you can use nail varnish and different kinds of pastes. For example, you can try using white strip paint, which comes in many colors. If you want white strips that go from your pinky to your toe, then you can buy white strips that only go a certain distance away.

These are some of the many ways to make white and pink nails look amazing. However, you should remember that this process requires time and effort. If you are not patient enough, it is better if you just go to a salon. Of course, if you want to do it at home, there are numerous ways to make white and pink nails look amazing. So, try these tips and try to get the best result you ever wanted.

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