Amazing Replacements For Greek Yogurt


Greek Yogurt is beneficial for all good reasons. High in protein, calcium, and probiotics, this product is a mandatory ingredient in sauces and baked items.

But in case, you run out of it in your kitchen or the tangy flavor does not suit you, then there is mention of some healthy replacements that you can consider.

It has high-fat content and has a thick and creamy consistency. The fat content in this product amounts between 4% to 9% depending on the source of the milk.

Let us discuss below some better and healthier Greek yogurt replacements:

Greek Yogurt
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Amazing Greek Yogurt Replacements

Sour Cream

This cream can be used in all sorts of recipes that require Greek Yogurt. But in dressings and sauces, this is a very good fit. Sour Cream has a tangy flavor making your dish a very indulgent one while keeping the texture the same. Sour cream also contains less fat.

Plain Yogurt

This is also a great substitute that can be used in foods, but this is the unsweetened one. Though the plain yogurt is less tangy and less thick when added to the recipe, this brings no difference to the taste.


The liquid that is left out after churning the butter is called the Buttermilk. This is the ideal ingredient in bread recipes to be used as a replacement. The acid content in buttermilk would make the dough fluffy.

Also since the consistency is lighter than Greek Yogurt, you can use it in lesser proportions. And guess what, Buttermilk can also be made with sour cream. All you need to do is add two to three spoonfuls of lemon juice to the cream. Then let it sit for a few minutes in the fridge and then it will be ready to use.

Cottage Cheese

This is one awesome replacement which is also not so tangy like the former one but is rich in fat. Using Cottage Cheese in recipes will give you the same taste as greek yogurt application.

All you need to do is to drain the excess water and then blend the cheese to bring out a smooth consistency before applying it in the recipes.


So above, we have mentioned some awesome replacement for Greek Yogurt and hope that would help you in your kitchen while in the absence of Greek Yogurt. 

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