Epilepsy: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment


Epilepsy is related to a group of disorders that is described by a propensity for irregular seizures. There are different sorts of epilepsy. However, the good news is that Epilepsy drugs are available to control this health condition.

If you feel unexpected movements like twitching and jerking in your different parts of the body like arms or legs, it can be the reason for epilepsy. The condition causes typically due to unusual electrical action in your brain which is called seizures. However, Seizures are not considered a dangerous condition; they often occur for a short period. But keep in mind, you can get in risk if you have one while driving or some other risky activities.

Well, everyone can experience Epilepsy affects differently.  If you have Epilepsy, then you must consult to doctor as he/she will help you find the treatment to control its effects. 

Causes of Epilepsy

Health Specialists aren’t sure about what are the causes of epilepsy in many people. Few studies prescribed that Epilepsy sometimes runs through families. Your genes may cause Epilepsy and seizures. However, several health conditions negatively influence the mind that makes it that you get Epilepsy, for example:

  • Tumors
  • Brain infections
  • Severe head injuries
  • Changes in brain structure
  • Stroke diseases
  • And blood vessel

Types of Epilepsy

There are numerous types of epilepsy disorders characterized by a particular arrangement of features, for example, the reason behind seizures, what reasons of seizures, what parts of affected and how extreme and successive the seizures are.

To classify epilepsy, you can help from your specialist. He/she will help determine what medications might be the best and effective for you. However, experts often characterized Epilepsy in two classes: generalized epilepsy and focal epilepsy.

Generalized Epilepsy: With generalized epilepsy, you may experience irregular activities in all areas of your brain. Generalized Epilepsy occurs by a genetic inclination; however, it can also cause by rain infections, lack of oxygen, head injuries.

Focal Epilepsy: You experience an abnormal electrical activity that starts to form the smaller or isolated areas of the brain and spreads to different other parts of the brain. Lesions often cause this type of health condition in the brain that can be detected with an MRI Scan. While keeping in mind, in some cases, the reason for Epilepsy and seizures might never be identified.

Signs & Symptoms of Epilepsy

The signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy in patients act differently.  In several situations, you might not know that you are in seizure and Epilepsy. Signs & Symptoms may include:

  • You feel Jerking movements in arms and legs
  • Unusual eye and head movements
  • Body Muscles becoming limp or weak
  • Irritability upon waking
  • There might be repetitive movements such as staring, clapping and lip smacking
  • There can be Changes in cognition or thinking like lack of response to words or sound, confusion in talking.
  • Sleepiness
  • Apnea
  • Get sad and unpleasant for no apparent reason
  • Loss of consciousness

However, Epilepsy is a serious health condition, but don’t worry about this as it can be managed by proper treatment. If you’re encountering any of sign and symptoms which is mention above, then you need to make a meeting with your doctor, who may prescribe you that you are experiencing epilepsy. We are sure he/she help you get the ideal consideration for your condition.

Treating Epilepsy

Cannabis has been recorded for anti-epileptic impacts since 1881. Today, the CBD capsules are used for epileptic treatment. Several studies prescribed about CBD, it is being used by doctors to treat seizure issue in patients. One research shows that cannabinoids are widely used to treat seizures, especially in children with seizure disorders.

Health specialists can work with you to decide the ideal approach to manage your Epilepsy. The initial step to determine the sort and reason for your epilepsy. Your treatment strategy will rely upon this data. Finding the best treatment to manage epilepsy may take some experimentation or trails.

Doctors often start treatment for epilepsy with a seizure drug. The objective of treatment with medicine is to search for the correct kind of medication to control your seizures with low side effects. Furthermore, your specialist may prescribe a certain way of life changes to help control Epilepsy indications.

If all treatment goes ineffective, then doctors may recommend surgery.  In some case, medical procedure & surgery can drastically improve your health condition. If patients prefer epilepsy surgery, before treatment, doctors firstly perform a series to test to highlights the areas of the brain that are affected with seizures. Keep in mind, and it is not comfortable living with epilepsy. Unexpected seizures can negative impacts your daily activities, but the neurosciences Health team can help you navigate your condition so you can take back control of your life.