Do you need popcorn in your diet And Is It Healthy?


Have you ever pondered over the health benefits of popcorn? Well, it can be a perfect and healthy snack that is low in calories and high in fiber. Depending on your portion size, it will make a nutritious and healthy snack. Also, It is rich in antioxidants and even helps fight cancer. 

Are you still contemplating the fact – “Is popcorn healthy?” 

The response depends on the taste you desire to consume. It is the air-popped one that has higher nutritional values instead of the butter-filled and fatty one. 

Here are the top reasons why you can adopt popcorn to your healthy snack list.

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Popcorn can be healthier than fruits and vegetables

According to dieticians, it is full of antioxidants, and it contains polyphenols, a good antioxidant found in plants. In fruits and vegetables, the compound is present in a diluted form, but they are present in concentrated quantities in it. Hence you can always consume popcorn as an alternative to fruits and vegetables.

It can help fight cancer

The polyphenols present in it can help to block enzymes for cancer growth. So they help to prevent inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. Isn’t it amazing? We can consume air-popped popcorn every day. This statement answers your queries about whether it is healthy or not.

Popcorn is low in calories

Do you know that Air-popped or unflavoured popcorn contains carbohydrates? It can serve as a good snack option in comparison to crispy and oily foods. Also, it has essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and is low in calories like with a 30g portion that can provide you 122 calories.

It can assist you with your constipation problem

Have you researched whether popcorn is healthy? Yes definitely. It can help you with your constipation problems. Also the insoluble fiber present in it helps to check your digestive tract. It promotes intestinal regularity.

Popcorn is ideal for diabetic patients

It is a high fiber food which doesn’t contain digestible carbohydrates. It leads to a slower digestion rate and lower blood sugar rise.

It is accommodating for individuals who are suffering from diabetes. So it can be an ideal snack for consumption.

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