7 Exciting CBD Oil Beauty Recipes For Glowing Youthful Skin


CBD or cannabidiol is one among the various components that constitute the amazing plant, cannabis. The past few years have seen raging interest from people all over the globe towards cannabis.

The reason behind this has primarily been the successful clinical trials, studies and user feedbacks that have indicated the medicinal benefits of this plant.

Many people who have given up on existing medications for the treatment of chronic conditions also place their belief in medical marijuana today to provide relief to them. These benefits have helped slowly shift the idea of cannabis as a drug to accepting cannabis as a healthy part of people’s lifestyle.

Among the most popular ingredients in a Cannabis Sativa plant is CBD which carries amazing benefits of the plant leaving behind the psychoactive effects. Active research to understand its potential completely to utilize it in various industries is happening today.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is also loaded with omega-3 and omega -6 fatty acids making it an ideal ingredient to benefit skin and hair. It is also said to have anti-aging properties that can boost the body’s ability to produce new skin and keep you looking young.

Thus the use of CBD oil in your everyday skin care routine can be beneficial to achieve glowing and youthful skin. Here are 7 simple recipes you can use with CBD oil to render glow and health to your skin.

CBD Oil Beauty Recipes

The DIY Anti-Acne serum

Acne breakouts and inflammation leave the skin with scars and dullness that strips away the youthful glow. CBD oil can help reduce these breakouts by nourishing the skin without blocking the pores.

What you need;

1.1 teaspoon of carrot seed oil

2.2 drops of geranium essential oil

3.2 tablespoons of CBD oil

4.2 tablespoons of jojoba oil

5.2 drops of frankincense essential oil

6.1 drop of tea tree essential oil.

How to prepare:

1. Mix these essential oils together. Store the mixture in a dark container away from sunlight

2. Take two drops every day and massage the area twice a day to reduce the appearance of acne and blemishes.

DIY soothing oil mixture

Using a mixture of essential oil along with CBD oil can help the elimination of blemishes and also control inflammation.

DIY soothing oil mixture
Source: http://eugenedailynews.com/2018/08/4-exciting-cbd-oil-beauty-recipes-for-glowing-youthful-skin/

What you need:

1. 2 spoons of melted coconut oil or beeswax

2. ¼ cup of CBD oil

3. 2 drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil

4. Few drops from Tesco Organic Sunflower Oil 1L pouch

How to prepare:

1. Melt the wax or coconut oil in the microwave.

2. Mix the rest of the ingredients to this and blend them to form a soft cream.

3. You can also add some sunflower oil with enriched vitamin e

4. Apply it in the morning and leave for 20 minutes before washing for glowing skin.

Exfoliation with CBD oil

Removing your dead skin cells helps renew your skin which looks vibrant. It brings out a healthy glow and makes your skin look perfect.

What you need:

1.2 tablespoons of CBD oil

2.1/8 cup of raw sugar ( Take sugar with smaller particle size)

3. 2 tablespoons of carrot seed oil

How to prepare:

1. In a glass container add the sugar along with the two oils and mix them together.

2. Apply this paste on the face and slowly exfoliate.

3. Rinse with cold water and pat dry to get moisturized and refreshed skin.

CBD moisturizing cream

CBD oil when combined with Argon oil offers amazing moisturizing properties. This cream will keep your skin well hydrated and nourished.

What you need:

1.1/2 cup of Argon oil

2.3 drops of any essential oil of your choice

3. ½ cup of CBD oil

4.3 drops of Rosehip oil

How to prepare:

1. Mix these oils in a small bottle and store in a cool and dry place.

2. Spray a few drops on your skin at night and massage for 5 minutes.

3. Place a warm towel over your face for 10 minutes and pat dry.

Skin tightening mask

Using a bi-weekly clay mask on the skin can help tighten your skin. It will bring out the healthy glow on your skin.

Skin tightening mask
Source: https://www.biome.com.au/blog/pink-clay-hemp-seed-oil-face-mask/

What you need:

1.1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2.2 tablespoons of CBD oil

3.2 tablespoons of Honey

4.2 tablespoons of bentonite clay

How to prepare:

1. In a bowl add the clay along with the cinnamon powder.

2. Now add the honey and CBD oil and mix them slowly until it forms a smooth paste.

3. Apply this paste on your skin and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

4. Using a warm towel or cotton pad remove the mixture from your skin using circular movements.

Skin toner

Cleansing your skin helps remove the dirt and oil from your skin. A toner helps refresh the skin and bring back the nutrients that your skin just lost.

What you need:

1.1/4 cup of CBD oil

2.2 tablespoons of Vodka

3.1 cup of distilled water

4.1 aloe vera leaf or 2 spoons of aloe vera gel

5. 1/4th cup of rose petals

6.Orange peel

How to prepare:

1. In one cup of boiling water add orange peel and rose petals and let this soak for 30 minutes

2. Strain this and blend this into a paste.

3. Add aloe vera gel to this mixture and blend again.

4. Add this mixture into a saucepan and add CBD oil to it.

5. Now add vodka and whisk the mixture briskly and pour into a glass jar after it cools.

6. Store in the refrigerator and use once a week. Take a little amount in a cotton pad and sweep over your face to get soothing skin.

Tip: You can also add some Courvoisier instead of vodka to the mixture that will act as a mild cleanser

CBD Avocado face mask

Repairing your damaged skin helps reduce the effects of aging. This can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and rejuvenate your dull looking skin.

What you need:

1.¼ cup of CBD oil

2.2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder

3.1 ripe avocado

4.3-4 drops of patchouli essential oil

How to prepare:

1.Scoop out the avocado and mash it into a smooth paste

2. Add the rest of the ingredients to this and mix well.

3. Use this face pack with a steamer for 15 minutes once a week.

4. This will open the pores and help your skin absorb the nutrients. These recipes use CBD to help you achieve glowing skin. Apart from these amazing creams and face packs for your skin, you can also include CBD oil in your lip balm and hair care to get healthy looking skin and hair.