5 Ways to Manage Vertigo Symptoms Caused by BPPV?


Vertigo is a type of dizziness where the world is revolving around you or you are spinning yourself. Vertigo and dizziness are closely associated with each other. A sensation of dizziness erupts as soon as you change your position or stand suddenly. The world seems to get blurred when you experience vertigo symptoms that are closely associated with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) Vertigo.

BPPV Vertigo is associated with the inner ear. A deposit of calcium in the vestibular system leads to BPPV which makes a person to lose balance. Head injury, prolonged bed rest, ear infection or surgery are some of the common BPPV causes.

Various measures are undertaken for benign paroxysmal positional BPPV vertigo treatment and diagnosis. To treat and escalate the various vertigo symptoms specific home remedies and exercises would be of great relief. If the condition does not improve after opting for certain measures, seeking medical advice and diagnosis of the underlying problem is recommended to get the correct treatment. Let’s have a look at certain measures which you can use to treat BPPV vertigo and be your normal self again.

Vertigo Symptoms Caused by BPPV

1. Don’t Lose Your Cool, Just Calm Down

If you move suddenly or change your position, a sudden stoke hit, which makes you feel dizzy and the things start spinning around you. You don’t have to panic in such a condition, hold onto your calm as spinning sensation will settle in a few seconds. In BPPV Vertigo the patient’s head feels like banging and spinning may seem to last forever, but that’s not the case though. Focusing on something while making the head stable helps in alleviating the spinning sensation.

 2. Consult A Doctor For Identifying The Cause Of Vertigo

If the underlying cause of dizziness and vertigo is severe, consulting an expert doctor is recommended for seeking vertigo medications caused by BPPV. An ear infection or a head injury are some of the BPPV vertigo symptoms. Undergoing certain diagnostic tests and vestibular function tests is necessary to ensure the cause of vertigo.

As per your pertaining condition doctor will prescribe certain medications, surgery or physical vertigo exercises to treat the specific condition.

3. Prescribed BPPV Medications

If the vertigo symptoms are not treated well with various home remedies or vertigo exercises doctors prescribe certain medications to treat BPPV vertigo. Medications like vestibular suppressants are not of much help when we talk about BPPV treatment as it only suppresses the sensation rather than treating it completely. Doctors prescribe antibiotics like Vertin, Stugeron, etc. if BPPV is caused because of an ear infection.

If the case of BPPV vertigo becomes much more complex and maneuvers are not effective then surgery is recommended.

4. Practice Epley Maneuver To Treat BPPV

The Epley maneuver is simple and the most commonly used Maneuver to treat BPPV. It can help in eliminating vertigo symptoms to a greater extent, but it is not helpful in all types of BPPV.

Practicing Epley Maneuver at home helps in repositioning the calcium deposition in the inner ear.

Epley Maneuver comes with certain cautions. Generally, people perform the exercises themselves resulting in feeling hazy or blurry. The presence of another person makes you secure as dizziness may slightly occur just after practicing the exercise. It should be carefully performed under the supervision and guidance of a supervisor as you need to perform certain motions with the head and body. Consulting a doctor is recommended to take proper advice before performing Epley Maneuver to treat BPPV.

5. Perform Brandt Daroff Exercises For Vertigo

Brandt Daroff Exercises is of great help in treating vertigo and dizziness caused by BPPV. Practicing Brandt Daroff Exercises daily under expert guidance helps in mitigating vertigo symptoms and prevent it from future occurrences as well. Brandt-Daroff exercise should be performed two to three times daily for several weeks to achieve satisfactory results.

As inner ear problems send confusing signals to the brain, performing the Brandt-Daroff exercise helps the brain in getting correct signals while coping up with the issue. Primary symptoms of BPPV vertigo are treated well with Brand Daroff exercises.

The Semont maneuver and barbeque maneuver are some other exercises that are done to treat BPPV vertigo, similarly as the Epley maneuver and Brandt Daroff exercises do. However, these exercises must be done under the guidance of a trained doctor, as it involves the rotation of the head and the body. Just keep calm and consult your doctor for the underlying cause of vertigo and best-suited exercises and medication, to get back to your normal self.