7 Best Budget Destinations for Your Birthday


Life is essential to all of us, and some occasions enchant it in a better way. Specific days add charm to the curricular life and make it more charismatic. Humans celebrate these days wonderfully and gather people who they admire the most to elevate the vibe of celebration.

We rejoice weddings, anniversaries, triumphs, and birthdays. Out of all, birthdays grab the spotlight because it is the remembrance of your very own existence on your planet. Personally, birthdays are too valuable to me. I would wait long for the entire year to celebrate the joys and sorrows of that particular 365 days on one day, i.e., birthday!

Often, we celebrate birthdays by partying at our place and calling the near and dear ones to be a part of it. But I think that birthdays bag to be more surprising and breathtaking. Have you ever thought of getting on a birthday vacation?!

Imagine your birthday; you are on the most secluded site in the world, maybe on a beach or partying in a resort, having one or two fewer known friends, getting boozed-up, and exploring the nearby towns with different cultures and unknown people!

Exciting enough, right? Well, this article is about seven best budget destinations for your birthday that won’t break your bank! Go through them once.

Budget Destinations

7. Bagan in Myanmar

Myanmar is not too costly to make you spend dollars. However, the old Bagan city is worth a million dollars! Nestled on the Ayeyarwady River, Bagan has the world known Bagan Archaeological Area, that extends the lush green plains with a break at 2,000 Buddhist temple stations!

The city gets enlightened by the sun kissing at the time of sunset and sunrise, where you can see the changing colors of Bagan’s almost all the 4,00 temples at once! The skies of the city pop up with balloons and make it rainbow-some during the hot air balloon festivals!

6. Santorini in Greece

If I would say your birthday to be in blue and white, I expect you to guess the place as Santorini in Greece! Pretty preferred by the honeymooners, Santorini is undoubted to be the world’s most iconic island. You can rent a Santorini blue and white villa and party with your friends, family and carry on the birthday fun!

The beautiful beaches won’t ever let your birthday boozing get over! The views of the tinted blue sea waters will make your eyes gaze at it in awe! You can do adventure, visit the vineyards, or explore the spectacular sites of the Santorini city too!

5. Mù Cang Chải in Vietnam

A mountainous district in Vietnam which is majestically magnificent in its way, Mù Cang Chải is the most attractive place for your birthday falling in September or October. It falls under the Yen Bai province, and it is in the northeast region of Vietnam.

The country is economically affordable compared to other tourist destinations in the world. Hoang Lien Son mountain range of the district is above the sea at a 1,000 meters’ height.

The core attention seekers are the rice terrace fields, which the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism declared as the national landscapes! You can be a part of the festivals of terrace fields every year.

4. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

The only largest salt flat in the world is the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia. It is a place where flamingos love to breed and suffice their appetite! Isla Incahuasi is a rocky hill in the salt flat that has some elegant picture sufficient spots for your selfies! Isla del Pescado, Cerro Minchincha, and Tambo Coquesa Lodge are some other names of appealing places in the salt flat. You can spend your birthday witnessing the virtue of this fascinating salt flat and extend your holiday by exploring Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz, Potosi, or Cochabamba.

3. Palawan in Philippines

The Philippines has 7, 107 idyllic islands that compete with each other to attract the maximum travelers to its landscapes. Out of all these thousand islands, Palawan is princely! Its pristine beaches, cliffs of limestones, white sand seashores, and blue lagoons will make your heart skip a beat!

With diverse wildlife and attractions of  Puerto Princesa, you will feel like you are in heaven. You can enjoy the underground cave boat rides, or see sparkling fireworks in the town and feel like as if the whole city is celebrating your birthday only! I am sure you won’t regret spending your birthday in Palawan!

2. Trolltunga  in Norway

There is no replacement for the natural formations, and Trolltunga in the Odda in Westland county in Norway is a perfect example of it! The rock formation is 1,100 meters above the sea level, and that is solely enough for giving away picturesque views.

The trio of Trolltunga ledge, Pulpit Rock, and Kjerag attracts tourists all over the world for witnessing its blue beauty. The Trolltunga ledge is 700 feet in height that is an erection to the marvelous Ringedalsvatnet Lake.

You can spend your birthday doing adventures in the hiking spots and spend the birthday night partying in Norway!

1. The Namib Desert in Namibia

Well, the Namib Desert has many titles to its tiara. It is the oldest desert in the world. More surprisingly, the desert is the closest site to Mars on this planet! Its surreal orange dunes, area of splendid sand landscapes, and views during sunset and sunrise are enough to make your birthday unusually unique.

Sesriem, Dune 45, Deadvlei, and Sossusvlei are some famous places in the Namibian desert to go for sure. After landing in Cape Town, you should go to Windhoek for 4-5 hours of a road trip to the desert. Set your car with people and load your universal roof rack to boost the desert on your birthday! Following my advice, go to any of these budget-friendly destinations on your birthday, and set a remarkable legacy therein!