Should Parents be Attentive to the Oral Care of Baby Teeth


Of course, they should! When talking about baby teeth and their importance, so many parents speculate whether it is important to care for them. Parents often decide that it’s right to ignore baby teeth because eventually, they will fall out.

However, parents have to understand those baby teeth are very important, especially in terms of the child’s early physical, social, as well as emotional development.

In babies, their first set of teeth erupt when they turn 6 months old, and they may remain there until they turn 13-14 years of age. As parents, you have to understand those baby teeth and their care is highly important. They help children in various aspects, including eating, speaking, and overall growth as well.

Although permanent teeth will replace baby teeth sooner or later, their care and frequent visits to the pediatric dentist in your area is important. Look after your child’s oral health, and you can ensure they have a healthy future.

Oral Care of Baby Teeth

How important are Baby Teeth in Babies?

Parents should understand the fact that baby teeth play an integral role in various aspects of their growth, including:

  • Speech development
  • Good health, by ensuring they chew properly
  • Make enough space in the jaw, paving way for the proper development of adult teeth in years to come
  • Boosting their self-esteem and ensuring they have a beautiful and healthy smile
  • Guarantees healthy teeth in the later years to come
  • Enables children to learn well in school and lets them pay better attention without worrying about dental pain

Caring for Baby Teeth is Imperative

As parents, ignoring the care of baby teeth is not the solution at all. Here is why you need to be attentive to their baby teeth growth.

They Ensure Proper Health and Nutrition

Teeth in babies, like adults, are important for chewing. They play an integral role in their digestive system.

However, lack of care could lead to dental cavity problems, and lead to serious nutritional deficiencies as well in children, which doesn’t allow them to chew on food easily.

If parents also ignore these problems and avoid a visit to a Pediatric Dentist, it can lead to other severe problems. It will increase the chances of infections, and they will spread to other areas of the body.

This could also target the brain. Within no time, this can lead to dental emergencies in children. Ignoring such problems only leads to severe cases where children die from problems related to dental abscess.

Aids Alignment and Positioning

Primary teeth play an important role when it comes to creating space for adult teeth to grow out. They serve as the right guidance for adult teeth and help them move into better positions.

If children have early tooth decay problems, and their baby teeth fall out, the adjacent teeth will tip or drift into space. Permanent teeth will then have less space to erupt and block the way for others to erupt.

Hence, regular visits to the pediatric dentist can help to keep such problems in check.

Contribute to Normal Development

Baby teeth aren’t just important for language development, but they help in other functions as well. They contribute to the development of children’s jawbones and facial muscles.

In the future, this helps to preserve space for permanent teeth as well. Even though they seem cute and tiny, you must ensure your little one have healthy teeth, which should shape their speech patterns in years to come as well.

They Boost Self Esteem

Whenever a child experiences dental pain, this only has a deteriorating effect on their self-esteem as well. It affects their ability to play and learn, interfering with their ability to have social interactions.

It will only shake their confidence and lead to children missing days in school, and parents will have to worry about making emergency appointments with dentists.

Help Permanent Teeth Erupt

When an adult or permanent teeth grow, they will most likely grow closer to the roots of baby teeth. Baby teeth are tiny, smaller, and the cavities will only spread quickly through their enamel.

When left untreated, baby teeth could have infections or abscess, which could affect the development of teeth in the future. Consequently, this will damage the permanent teeth to grow in the gums in the days to come.

You have to make sure that you pay attention to your little one’s oral health at all times. Visit the pediatric dentist and feel free to ask them any questions you have in mind regarding your child’s oral health.

Make sure they are friendly and have a welcoming environment for kids. They should encourage kids to relax, and just make sure they have a good experience, without the fear of visiting a “dentist.”

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