Identify if your sour cream has turned bad


There are various dairy products, and sour cream is one of them. This is made in a fermentation process where the cream is fermented with a bacterial form. This causes the cream to thicken and turn sour and thus sour cream is formed.

The product is named sour cream because the fermentation process is called souring. But, do you know how long does it last? No worry, here we have listed all the points to understand how to determine it’s expiration process.

Sour Cream
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Sour Cream and its advantages

It is generally rich in fat but less and non-fat versions can also be made. It is served as dips for various snacks. Like all edible products, sour cream also has an expiry date. But, the thing is you can use it up to three weeks after its expiry date if stored in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F.  

Does It Get Bad?

Yes, it too gets bad and even at times before the expiry date. Trust your senses before all to judge your sour cream’s expiration. Because, by the look of it, you can say if it has turned bad. Also, there are a few things you should notice to know if it is good to consume:

You can always tell a bad cream by the smell. If your sour cream smells moldy and stinks, then you can be sure that it has started to decay.

Again, if you find molds growing on the surface of it, then you must dispose of the entire container. You might think of scraping off the surface and consuming the rest which would not be a good idea.  There might be molds forming on the inside which is not visible to the naked eyes.

If it does not have the same white color anymore and has turned yellow or green, then there is a guaranteed formation of fungus there.

Whenever your sour cream starts decaying, then you can see water separating from it and this is an indication for you to consume it within a few days.

How long does sour cream last?

All edible products come with expiry dates.  But, if the products are not properly handled, then the shelf life can reduce.

Similarly, sour cream may last up to three weeks after the last date only if stored properly in the refrigerator. If at times, you left it outside at room temperature or stored it in a dirty utensil then it is bound to decay. So, be careful while preserving your sour cream. Above all, trust your senses.

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