Why Should you use a Gel Pressure Relief Cushion?


Sitting for long hours on a chair has become one of the basic necessities for most of the working people. Even after coming back home, we spend most of our time leading a very sedentary lifestyle- either on the couch, watching TV, on our laptops, etc. Life for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs can be especially difficult; while they would love to go about and lead an active lifestyle, they are bound to their chairs, and often end up with pains, aches, cramps, and sores.

Gel Pressure Relief Cushion

While it is not possible to completely eliminate the time we spend sitting, it is, however, possible to make out the sitting experience more comfortable. Use of gel pressure relief cushion is one of the ways by which you can sit comfortably for long hours in one place, without experiencing any of the nasty side effects such as pains, sores, backaches, shoulder aches and neck cramps.

How to Choose the Best Gel Pressure Relief Cushion

    • There are different types of gel pressure relief cushions available for different needs; for example, if you are looking for one to fit into your wheelchair, you will require a kind of gel cushion. For those who suffer from backaches, back problems and conditions, a special kind of gel cushion is available for them and for those who simply want some pressure relief; other kinds of gel cushions are available. It is best to research well and then find a gel pressure relief cushion which suits your specific needs.
  • For those who have a smaller or petite body structure, it is advisable not to opt for gel cushions which are too large. It will simply end up feeling a little too big and uncomfortable and will not be the best choice for you.
  • It is also important to read reviews, recommendations, and testimonials of people who have used the different kinds of gel cushions so that you can get a genuine idea of what works best and what does not. However, in the end, what matters most is your comfort and personal choice. When opting for a new gel cushion, look for branded companies instead of smaller, non-reputable companies. Using the wrong kind of cushion can end up causing you more pain than you started with, so it is important to choose a good company which provides you with good quality products and gel cushions with the best technology for pressure relief.
  • The gel pressure relief cushion should be waterproof, lightweight and portable so you can carry it along with you wherever you need to.
  • When choosing the right gel cushion for you, it is also important to take into consideration the price of the cushion. A good company will offer a gel cushion which is affordable, reasonably priced and functional at the same time.

Types of Pressure Relief Wheelchair Cushions That You Can Purchase

  1. Gel pressure relief cushion – Made of a specially engineered gel design, these pressure cushions are one of the most comfortable ones you can buy, as the shape adheres to fit every individual’s body type and structure.
  2. Air foam cushions – this type of a pressure relief cushion uses only air to support the entire body weight of a person on the wheelchair.
  3. Foam cushions – This type of cushion uses a memory foam design, much like a mattress, to adhere to a person’s body type.

pressure relief wheelchair cushions

Why Are Gel Pressure Relief Cushions the Best Option?

Gel pressure relief cushions have a mechanism which allows air to flow freely, allowing good circulation of air, as compared to other pressure relief cushions which are harder and do not allow penetration of air. Another big advantage of using a gel pressure relief cushion is that these cushions have very low heat conductivity. This simply means that you can sit on the cushion for long hours without worrying about the surface of the cushion heating up or causing burns and sores due to friction. Gel pressure relief cushions are one of the best options for those looking for a comfortable way to sit for long hours without suffering from aches, pains, and sores.

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