5 Fashion Hacks Every Girl Must Know


Fed up of those everyday clothing problems? All set for a party but cannot find anything worth wearing? Or even worse, got a lot of good stuff on board but every single pair either just doesn’t fit you well or is awkwardly loose? That favorite pair of denim has suddenly become too long and those maxi dresses have stains of deodorants. The best pair of sneakers that you have has become too tight overnight and the bra straps are slipping off your shoulders and ruining those maxi dresses?

The list seems to be never-ending. However, before you explode and get all frustrated and irritated, we have brought some exclusive and beautiful clothing tips and tricks that will save the night for you. Check them out and thank us later –

  1. Tucking Issues – Okay, so you are all set to rock that weekend party but your jean just doesn’t fit right into the boots? Well, no longer do you have to deal with fat ankles. In case you are a skinny jean kind of girl who loves bootcut or straight leg jeans. Well, not that those jeans are bad but pose a serious challenge when you want to pair them up with boots. The pair of jeans makes it hard to zip the boots up and looks extremely awkward – a bunched up fabric that you have to carry around unwillingly! Well, the hack to deal with them is to fold your jeans a bit neatly layer by layer. This will lay a nice and smooth foundation for the boots to zip up and save you a lot of embarrassment.tucking issues
  2. Baggy Button-Up And The Tank – A hack for all the girls who want to look a bit slimmer.  Simply buy a nice form-fitting tank top and slide it in between your sweater and button-up shirt. This will prevent the midsection of your body from looking dowdy and old-fashioned. The trick works even well with baggy button-ups. Contrary to your expectations, the tank top will press and flatten the baggy button up against the torso perfectly which in turn will hide all the bunched up fabric along with the outlines of the buttons.
  3. Removing Deodorant Stains – There may hardly have been a day that you would have gone without deodorant. The deodorant stains are bad and stubborn. Although they say that there is an art to applying deodorant very carefully, not everyone is patient enough to do so. Hence, if your clothes are regularly getting stained with deodorant, just keep a pack of baby wipes handy. They will easily help you get rid of all those stubborn white deodorant marks!
  4. Goodbye Yellow Sweat Stains – Done with those embarrassing yellowing in the armpits of a majority of your light shade clothes? Well, try this little trick and see it working miracles. Before you put the clothes vulnerable to sweat stains into the wash, sprinkle some lemon juice on them. Yeah, you are welcome.yellow sweat stainsstiffness5. Stiffness, what is that? – In case you love wearing cotton t-shirts but cannot stand them as they get stiff, you have a way out. Prepare a saltwater solution and dip your stiff cotton t-shirts into it for like three days. Wash the t-shirts afterward and get a brand new soft touch.

These were the five fashion hacks that every girl must know – easy to implement and follow. Apart from these, you can don your creative hat and make your very own cap toe shoes to rock with maxi dresses using some quick daily life fashion hacks. 

Another quick hack here is to apply beeswax to your shoes to make them waterproof. In case you have accidentally stuck chewing gum onto one of your favorite dress, try removing it using ice. Wearing a lace tight under your ripped jeans will keep you warm in the winters and help you rock the ripped look confidently.

There are a lot of hacks like these which can save the day for you and keep you from going gaga over your clothes and accessories.