Dry Mustard – A Secret Ingredient


Do you love to have your regular grilled sandwich traditionally? Do you often grab a burger just for its yellowish tangy sauce? Well, it is worth pointing here that everyone’s favorite mustard sauce was initially dry mustard.

It might sound like a new term, but it’s nothing different. The powdered form of those black mustard seeds is termed as dry mustard.

Dry Mustard
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How Does it Taste?

Well, the powdered mustard doesn’t have a taste of its own. You must add water and vinegar to it for an acidic taste. Though sometimes it is referred to as having a pungent odor, it is just the product’s little snarky behavior.

It is, therefore, a prevalent ingredient of your favorite sandwiches or pickles. You might also get them in many restaurants paired with the usual tomato ketchup in a squeezer bottle.

How to Make Dry mustard?

Nowadays, with a lot of advancement, you can quickly grab a packet of mustard powder from any nearby grocery store. But if you are one of those who prefer to have it more natural and healthy, it is relatively easy to prepare at home.

You can get any of the three mustard seeds black, brown or white from the market and grind it to remove the outer coat. It must be finely grounded to get the right powdered form.

Use it in Your Favourite Dish

Well, using ground mustard as a sprinkle on your dishes or salads won’t make any change in taste as it is completely tasteless. But adding it with vinegar, water, red wine, or any other liquid enhances its flavors.

A typical pungent and tangy taste that gives your sandwich the tasty kick is all because of dry mustard. It can make your sandwich a bite worth remembering and can give your salad dressing a tangy twist.

Final Wrap Up

Do you want a tangy twist and make your taste bud feel the punch? Well, ground mustard can give the right touch to your buds. All you need to do is add it with a liquid may be water or vinegar, and you are all done. Add this mixture to your favorite recipe to make your guest a fan of your cooking skills.

Either prepare it at home or grab a packet from the grocery store; the best taste is all your way. So why delay, go ahead and grab the perfect bite with the right twist.

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