Be Healthy Be Relaxed – The Everteen Applicator Tampon Is Here!


A very physically and mentally challenging phase that every woman pass through each month is during her menstruation. For some, it becomes very difficult to cope with the pain and agony of the profuse bleeding when the period commences and the uneasiness of wearing pads and doing everyday activities adds more to the suffering. 

While there is no solution to this problem, women at least deserve to stay healthy and relaxed during this phase of the month! And making sure they do, Everteen has come up with innovative ideas to help them cope with the situation. 

The Everteen applicator tampons are such products which are not only healthy and hygienic for women to use during their menstruation but also contributes towards their relaxation and comfort way too much. 

applicator tampons

How is the Everteen applicator tampon different from other tampons?

There may be many brands which make such tampons for use during the menstrual days but Everteen stands out in the market due to features best suited for women of every age. 

They are easy to wear and easy to remove, does not leak or get tampered inside, are reusable and can be used for a longer period, safe and hygienic, comfortable and has all possible specifications that make it a perfect choice amongst women today! 

There is no stress of wearing your skin tight pants thinking your pad line will show up, neither is there any tension regarding abrupt stains on your dress when you use the Everteen applicator tampons.

Why should women shift to a tampon from the traditional sanitary napkins?

Sanitary napkins might be the favorite choice for many women today but once they start using tampons they will be able to feel the difference. These pads are not always the best option to use during your periods if you have to remain outside for a long time or perform heavy physical activities. 

Also, if you want to go swimming, dancing, exercising and do any other such activities, wearing the tampon is always a better alternative than using the sanitary napkins. And that is why shifting to tampons from the traditional pads is a better option today! 

The takeaway

The phenomenon of getting periods every month is common in every woman’s life. And there is no way out from it until the woman is pregnant or she has reached menopause. From time immemorial women have suffered a lot due to this monthly cycle. 

But as times are changing, new products are being made for them to NOT suffer during their menses and rather have a safe and relaxed menstruation period. The Everteen applicator tampon is one such product which helps you relax during your periods. 

No matter how strenuous physical activities you want to perform or no matter till how much time you have to stay out of the home during the periods, wearing the tampon is not only convenient but hygienic too! So, the next time you feel the zeal to jump in joy during your periods, wear the applicator tampon from Everteen and dance your heart out!