An Essential Guide for Parents to OPT for Orthodontic Treatment for Kids


Orthodontic Treatment

Your smile is one of the greatest assets that you have as it is the first thing that people notice in you. This goes without saying that if you want to ensure that your kids can flaunt their pearly whites for a long time to come you have to start early to take maximum care of their oral health.

It is much more than just the aesthetic issue when you are considering early orthodontic care for your kids. It is recommended that kids should not wait beyond the age of seven years for going for their orthodontic treatment.

If you go ahead and seek professional help from an early time it is able to guide the growth of the child’s jaw, direct the teeth of the kids into a better position and also lessen the risk of injury in case the kids have protruded teeth.

A bad bite can strain the jaws of the child and can wear down the teeth which can lead to more complicated dental problems. Moreover, crowded teeth also do not let your child clean up their mouth in the right way which can also create further problems.


What is Orthodontics? Here is What You Should Know

So here is a list of orthodontic treatments that you can try for your kids.

Orthodontic Treatments for the Kids

On the basis of the severity of the teeth alignment issues and the bite problem, your kid may be suggested one or more of the treatments mentioned below.

  • Rubber Bands – These are used when force is required to move the jaw and the teeth into the proper position. You can find different colors and forces in this case.
  • Braces – These work by applying pressure to the jaws and teeth and thus, relocate them in the desired position. Braces consist of brackets (ceramic or metallic), bands, wires and tubes and of course flamboyant elastics and rubber modules.
  • Headgears – These are one type of appliances where the outer bow fits around the neck or head while the inner bow fits around the mouth to guide the direction of the jaw growth and tooth movement. The need for wearing the face masks and the headgears are quite different and the orthodontist will prescribe accordingly.
  • Removable Active Appliances – They can move a tooth or a group of teeth but to a much lesser degree than that of the fixed appliances.
  • Functional Appliances – These are special appliances used for a child who is growing. They utilize the action of the muscles so that the position of the upper and lower jaw can be altered.
  • Oral Surgery – This is required when there is a need to remove the position of certain teeth on the basis of the need for space to align the position of the teeth and the jaws in the proper way.
  • Retainers – Once the braces are removed retainers should be used for maintaining the teeth in the correct position. As the teeth and jaws are constantly moving throughout life, the dentists of the reputed cosmetic dental clinic suggest the use of retainers. Depending on your child’s case, retainers can be fixed or removable.

The above are some of the most common treatments that dentists advise for your kids so that they can keep winning the hearts with their million dollar smile for many years to come.