5 Tricks to Use Full Wall Gym Mirrors in Small Commercial Spaces to Make Them Look Big & Spacious


Full wall gym mirrors can add style, elegance, and functionality to any space, no matter the size. These nifty mirrors are stylish, attractive, and can be customized to fit both formal and casual environments. More importantly, if done right, end-to-end gym mirrors can brighten small commercial spaces, and turn them into a serene, big, and spacious oasis.

Full Wall Gym Mirrors

Using Full Wall Gym Mirrors to Make Small Space look Bigger and More Spacious

Gym wall mirror is the standbys in gyms. Yes, well-designed full-wall mirrors can take any space from drab to fab, as well as infuse a nice flash of ritz and glamour. But gym mirrors are the holy grail of boosting the sense of space. After all, in a small commercial space, every bit counts because they can feel uncomfortable and confining.

That’s exactly where full wall gym mirrors come in handy. They are designed to fool the eye and make interiors look and feel much bigger and more spacious than they actually are, which the main idea behind this post. We’ll walk you through 5 clever tricks on how to apply full wall gym mirrors to breathe more life into small-size commercial spaces like saloons, kitchens, etc.

Combine Mirrors with Light Shade Hues

Both light and color affect your sense of space and depth. That’s why it is best to combine the beauty of a full wall gym mirror and light colors to spruce up the feeling of space in a particular room. It’s all about taking advantage of optical illusion.

Remember bright and light walls or ceilings tend to be more reflective, making small commercial spaces feel a little airier and open. In fact, these features help maximize the “space-increasing” and openness of natural light. Why not dark colors? Dark hues are known to absorb most of the light, making space appear dull and smaller.

For optimal results, combine full wall gym mirrors and soft tones of green, blue or off-white. The combo will be more inviting, as well as spruce up the interior decor of your commercial space. Don’t forget to give a touch of light color paint to the moldings, wall trim, and other nooks and crannies where the end-to-end gym wall mirror doesn’t cover. When you do that, the walls will seem to be farther back, opening up and brightening your space.

Consider Installing Mirrors on the Ceiling

If your commercial space is narrow, and needs a little mellow, installing a gym wall mirror on the ceiling can do the trick. When the mirror is stretching high over the room, it provides the space with a feeling of depth, openness, and brightness. Also, people inside will feel at ease since the room still feels cozy and warm with no distractions on the wall. This is a great trick you can use in just about any small commercial space, especially bars, wine cellars, and barber shops.

Bolster a Hallway

Hallways in a commercial environment with high foot traffic can feel claustrophobic. A good way to eliminate this is to install a gym wall mirror on the hallway walls. It’ll add brightness and bring more depth to a hallway. Just measure that it’s a made-to-measure gym wall mirror to get the best outcome. If the hallway is particularly gloomy, simple floor-to-ceiling mirror panes will bounce natural light around and make space appear bigger and more spacious.

Gym Wall Mirror

Cover Adjoining Wall with Gym Wall Mirror

In a gym environment, for instance; multiple reflections can help those working out to get a feel for what they are achieving. It’ll also boost the ambiance and atmosphere of the space. That’s why you might want to install a full wall gym mirror on two adjoining walls. This doesn’t just look cool; it can also dramatically boost the sense of space and create some excitement. Technically, the gym wall mirror pairs will generate plenty of perspectives and backscattering, lending the room a glamorous and expansive feel.

Match Gym Wall Mirror with Lighting

Without proper lighting, a full wall gym mirror is just but another blank wall. Letting natural light into the commercial space opens up the interiors, as well as make the room itself look and feel airy and larger. If you can do this, ensure to bring natural light into your space in a way that it complements and accentuates the full wall gym mirrors. Try using sheer window treatments, or pull the coverings/ drapes all the way back, allowing plenty of light in.

But the truth of the matter is that it isn’t always possible to get natural light in a commercial setting, which is why you need to be a little creative with your lighting fixtures. You’ll be surprised at how well-installed lighting can make a huge difference. Don’t forget to include a few flowers and plants to add a little oomph to space.