5 Spring Flooring Trends You’ll Love!


Spring is in the air, and we’ve got 5 flooring trends for spring that you’ll love!  

You may not have thought about updating your flooring. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing some old, outdated floors for a while now. Either way, if you’re not sure where to start, this article is for YOU.  There’s something here for everyone, no matter your budget or taste in style.

flooring trends

1. Light-colored hardwood

Everyone likes hardwood floors. But one of the biggest spring trends is to lighten up the room with some airy and light-colored hardwood.

Use long, wide planks of a lighter tone to make the room feel breezy and charming.  You’ll feel like you’re at a beach house!  

Also, shiny finishes are out.  Matte is in!  Finish your floors with a matte look to enhance the natural beauty

Worried about waterproofing?  Many hardwoods offer water-resistant finishes.  Or better yet, go with a laminate option that looks just like hardwood (and is much cheaper!).

2. Large tile 

If you’re looking to redo the flooring of a smaller space (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room), the answer to your dilemma could be extra-large tiles.  

Large tiles will make a small room look more spacious.  And the lack of so much grouted edge will give it a cleaner appearance as well.  (Just make sure that the tile is not too dark, or that small space will look even smaller, no matter how big your tiles are!)

3. Geometric patterns

Nothing says spring like colorful and whimsical patterns!  

Make a statement with your flooring by utilizing large geometrical patterns.  You can find patterns in pretty much any flooring material. Color is back in, too, so don’t be afraid to embrace a signature splash of color.  

4. Mix-and-Match

One of the biggest up-and-coming trends is to mix up your flooring choice!  It’s a fun and unique way to visually separate common areas, especially for homes that have large, open spaces.  

Use tile or vinyl for heavy-traffic areas, and hardwood or laminate for the rest.  Think of mixing and matching colors as well.  You’ll be the trendsetter of the neighborhood!

5. Spring-colored area rugs

Don’t have the budget for brand new flooring?  No worries!  A brightly-colored area rug can do wonders in making a room feel cozy and light.  You can refurbish an old rug or get a good rug cleaning too to make it look like new!

Animal or floral prints help to bring the feeling of nature indoors.  Rugs can also help protect your floors from too much heavy traffic.  

Go the extra step and get an outdoor welcome mat that ties together the same colors as your area rugs. 

Your home will feel like new!

There’s simply no better feeling than giving your home a facelift in time for spring.  It just gives you an extra “spring” in your step!  

So whether you are ready for some dramatic and colorful changes, or simply want a cleaner and cozier look, the flooring of your home is the perfect place to start.  These 5 spring flooring trends are something you’ll love for your home. 

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