What is the Perfect Diet Planning to Overcome Addiction?


Addiction is really a hazardous thing to our body, overcoming the addiction needs a lot of hard work and effort to gain relevant results. Addiction to drugs or alcohol damages many organs in our body, so in order to come out of that a proper diet, medications and exercise play a major role in that. A perfect diet helps a lot to detox from your addiction since when a person is abusing drugs or alcohol, they consume

  • Less amount of food
  • You might skip your meals
  • Your food intake lack many nutrients
  • Lose up your energy
  • Mainly damages your gut

In order to get back yourself to normal, you not only have to concentrate on your physical health, but you should also be focused on your mental health too. If a person struggles over addiction, they often prioritize their addiction over something. As a result of addiction, numerous problems may arise in that one of the things that were in the top position of the list was a nutritional deficiency.

Types of drugs and their effect on nutrition:

Some of the drugs which are consumed by many and its effects on how it is spoiling your nutrition level.


Those who are addicted to alcohol often have a poor diet, mostly alcohol interferes a lot in the absorption of nutrition and damage many vital organs. So those who are grappling with alcohol addiction should have foods that detox your body because alcohol abuse can cause severe damage to the livers, pancreas and stomach lining. They mainly help in balancing our blood sugar levels and the absorption of nutrients.


Consuming opioids itself can lead to nutritional deficiency and the withdrawal symptoms can be very worse and life-threatening. It causes severe dehydration to the body and it is difficult to consume food while you are withdrawing from opioids. So consuming a balanced diet can help a lot in reducing the severity.

Stimulant drugs

These drugs help a person to get an immense amount of energy, while in the same way, it decreases the appetite. Due to this, it makes them binge for days without having any proper sleep, water or food. This often leads to dehydration and malnutrition and results in suppressing the immune system. Foods which are rich in proteins and nutrients can be the best one to fit this kind of diet.


As reversely of the above, marijuana increases a person’s appetites, which results in excessive weight gain and poor eating choices that lead to severe health issues. They more often lead to developing infections, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. These people need a proper diet plan and controlled food planner to have proper nutrition.

Nutrition Tips for Recovery:

  • Avoid all the junk funds
  • Munch more on fruits and vegetables
  • Eat the food which is high in fiber
  • Skipping up your breakfast is a bad idea
  • Try to limit your caffeine/tea intake
  • Make use of natural sweeteners
  • Consume plenty of water
  • Take some multivitamins
  • Do exercising

Diet for your recovery:

  • The 50 to 55% of calories you consume daily should compose of complex carbohydrates
  • Should consume at least 2 to 3 cups of calcium-rich foods or dairy products
  • Your diet should consist of 15 to 20% of proteins
  • The balance of about 30% can be of the fat choices(good fatty foods)

Nutrition tips to heal substance abuse:

Substance abuse has long term effects on our physical and mental health. It might directly or indirectly affect the nutrition you are gaining for your body. In order to maintain good health, improve your immune system, get positive energy and mainly helps in repairing your damaged organs. Each person’s nutrition need is quite different from others and their diet plan has to be tailored accordingly.

Consume more water which is the utmost need for you to detoxify. Since dehydration will be the most problem that tries to recover from addiction, by consuming more water it helps to flush out the toxin in our body.

Caffeine and artificial sweeteners can cause some negative side effects, which often results in dehydration and suppressed appetite.

Rich proteins and carbs which make you feel full all the time and gives your body the energy to recover from addiction easily. They help a lot in your physical recovery, strengthen your muscles and enhance your mood to feel good.

Consistency of your food intake will help you a lot in maintaining your blood sugar levels, so it’s good to consume your food in smaller portions, which automatically decreases your cravings over unhealthy snacks.

Exercise More- Exercising regularly in a time interval helps you a lot in boosting your mood, building up self-confidence increase your energy, reduce your cravings.

In order to recover from addiction, many drug rehab centers provide nutrition programs to heal your mind and body. When you consume proper nutrition, this helps you a lot for your long term sobriety.

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