Mobility Aid – Give Supports to Live Independently


Mobility aids are devices that are designed to provide support or balance to your well-being while moving.

Generally, mobility aids are most often utilized by the elder ones to move from one place to another. Also, they are helpful for an individual who cannot move on his/her own.

Sometimes, it becomes really difficult for a person to carry on his day to day life, if he is unable to move. In such a situation, these mobility aids can help you with your problem and take you anywhere you want to go without you having to take help from anyone else. If you are new to this, then here are a few things you need to follow while getting a mobility aid –

Mobility Aid

Opt Out the Right Mobility Aid for You

  • Canes

Canes are basically walking sticks that are commonly used by people to get support to their body while walking. These canes help your body to uplift the weight from legs to the upper body thereby making it more convenient to move forward. Canes are most suitable for the person who finds difficult to move independently without a balance. The general types of canes that are available in the market are

White Canes – Specially designed for visually challenged people which allow the users to detect the objects that are in front of them.

Quad Canes – This type of canes have four legs at the bottom which gives vast support the users with more stability.

Forearm Canes – As the name reflects the mean these canes provide balance at the forearm by distributing the weight from wrist to arm.

  • Walkers

Walkers are manual mobility aids with holders and four legs to give the users a certain kind of stability. These walkers are made up of metal that is widely used by everyone who cannot move on their own. The users have to lift the walker towards one step, and they move forward with the support of it.

It is perfect for older ones as well as an individual who has injured legs. Most doctors suggest these mobility aids to the patients as it helps them to walk on their own. You can avail the walkers either with a wheel or without a wheel depending on your need. The various models of walkers are –

Knee Walkers – With this knee walker the user can move forward with their leg while placing their knee on a padded cushion.

Rollators – Rollators are best for people who can move but not for a long time. These mobility aids have a seat, handlebars and come with four wheels that enable the user to take rest for some time.

Walker Cane Hybrids – This is a cross between the walker and cane that has two legs.  You can use it with one or both hands to get greater support.

  • Wheelchairs


Wheelchairs are one of the most important mobility aids that are the perfect solution for people who cannot move anywhere. With the application of technologies, the wheelchairs are now available different types; they are — self-propelling wheelchair, transit wheelchair, an electric wheelchair. The regular wheelchairs must be pushed with the help of someone whereas the electric wheelchairs can be activated by you.

  • Mobility Scooters

Scooters are getting more popular among the disabled person as they can travel anywhere without depending on anyone. The user can keep their feet on the plates; hold the hand bars or steering to drive the scooter. The scooter is apt for the user who doesn’t have upper body strength and is unable to use the wheelchairs

Thus, these are the various types of mobility aids that are available in the market these days. Make use of these details to opt out the right device for you and carry out your own activities without the help of anyone.

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