How to Stay Healthy Before and After Exercising


Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand. Whether you only work out three times a week or do a heavy daily exercise routine, you need to eat and exercise in ways that bring you the most benefit.

healthy eating

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential when you work out. So if you want to work out in the morning, get up early enough that you can have breakfast at least an hour before your workout. In addition, recent studies show that eating or drinking protein and carbohydrates can improve your workout performance and help you exercise for a more extended amount of time.

If you don’t eat before you go to the gym, you might feel tired when exercising, and if your routine is high intensity, you may even begin to feel dizzy.

However, keep in mind that a large meal may not be the best option just before you exercise. For example, if you’re accustomed to eating a large breakfast, make sure you eat it 3 to 4 hours before exercising. Otherwise, you may risk feeling tired or getting a stomach ache.

Get Enough Water

Don’t forget to hydrate. It would be best if you got fluids to prevent dehydration. Most health experts recommend you get about a glass of water or two at least two hours before your workout. Then drink about a cup of water every 20 minutes during your activity. Water replaces your lost fluids.

Consider Using Sports Supplements

Sports supplements like Well Aliments are commonly used by athletes because they enhance performance, add more energy, and offer essential minerals like creatine, protein, and amino acids, giving you more energy and endurance. Because everyone’s body is different, it is best to spend time researching what kind of supplement will best suit your needs. It is of equal importance to use the right kind of supplements depending on your body size. Taking the time to learn more about what your body needs will help you provide it with the nutrients it needs.

Have Healthy Food in Your Fridge

There are a ton of good foods available. A few essential ingredients you want to keep on hand are balsamic vinegar to add flavor to salads, nuts for protein and fiber, and fat-free yogurt, which can also be used as a dressing or vegetable dip.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Fruit is a great option when you have a sweet tooth. To satisfy your need for something sweet, try apple slices with a dab of peanut butter instead of that chocolate cake. You can even try a sliced peach with a spread of ricotta cheese.

Use Common Sense

Keep in mind that the intensity of your workout is only something you can decide on. Your activity should also determine the amount you eat and drink. For example, you’ll need more calories if you plan on participating in a triathlon compared to what you’ll need for a quick 20-minute walk. Keep in mind that the length and intensity of your activity will determine how often and what you should eat and drink. For example, you’ll need more energy from food to run a marathon than walk a few miles.