ECCENTRIC TRAINING: Is It Good for Your Health Or Not? Read to Know


If you are looking for concentrated workout training to gain weight and a well-developed body, then “ECCENTRIC TRAINING” is for you. 

You might have gone under various types of workouts to build your muscles, but eccentric training is a unique one. So, read the blog to know what makes this training unique. 

Let’s start.

Eccentric Training

What is Eccentric Training?

It is just the opposite of HIIT training (High-Intensity interval training) where you have to do intense workout within a few minutes with short intervals. And it is all about going fast and fast. But in the case of eccentric, you have to go slow. 

You will surprise to know that going slow has many benefits, especially the downward phase of the exercise. But still, people consider this training ineffective because of several myths.

We have discussed the myth below; you can go through them and don’t let them stop you from gaining benefits. 

3 Myths about Eccentric Training workout

Myth#1: It creates discomfort 

Most of the fitness coaches reported that their players or students feel soreness in their bodies after the eccentric exercise. It makes them lazy and exhausted, and they start to miss the training, which eventually affects their game. 

Let us tell you that it is a myth. It happens only when you do not know the duration. It is very crucial to find out the athlete’s strength. During season doing this training may affect the game because it requires time and proper guidance. So, try to do it during on-season. 

Myth#2: It makes stiff and tight 

This myth is one of the commons among many people. In research, it shows that doing slow workout can lengthen your muscles and improve your range of motion. This motion is known as flexibility. So, you can gain flexibility with this type of training. 

Myth#3: It is only for selected ones 

Many people drop the idea of going through this training because they thought it made for elite ones, but it is a hardcore myth. There is no specific time, if you want to start, you can but from scratch. 

Now, let’s look at the benefits of this training 

Advantages of Eccentric Training

Benefits of Regular Exercise

There are many benefits you can get from this workout. We have mentioned a few of them, and you can go through them. But here you have to work under the supervision of the expert. Doing alone may introduce several injuries. 

You can hire an expert for the first six months, and once you understand the technique, you can pursue on your own. Fees of the instructor may worry you, but you do not have to because you can manage it with your monthly income or savings effortlessly.

If you think that managing cost through saving is difficult that you can opt for some borrowing methods such as:

From friends or relatives: You may get money in this way, but for the short term, borrow money for six to twelve months may tricky. 

Borrow money with loans: To beat the above scenario, small installment loans for bad credit may be the right choice. In this way, you can easily manage the fees as well as quickly repay the borrowed money on schedule time. Besides, that making repayments will be comfortable as you can repay in manageable monthly installments, which will not put an extra burden on your monthly finance.

With these methods, you can easily manage the fees.

Now, let’s roll the eyes over benefits.

Reduces the injury risks 

It not only strengthens the muscles but makes the connective tissue strong. It is highly recommendable for athletes who need strong muscles with impeccable tissues. In this way, it reduces the risk and makes the body healthy and strong 

Increase the rate of metabolism

Eccentric training requires less energy and oxygen as compared to concentric training. It does not only enhance the muscle growth but increase the metabolism (Process in which food and what you eat converted into energy).

In a study, eccentric workout people have seen that their metabolism is increased by 10% in a few days. 

Increase the size of the muscles  

No doubt, the eccentric main motive is to make the muscles. And the best part is that you can gain it fast as compare to other methods. The surprising fact is that slow exercise can provide more benefits than the fast one. 

In slow, muscles gain time to open, which increases flexibility and gives time to increase the size. It also produces sweat that can help you become more flexible and fit.  We hope you understand the truth and myths of eccentric training.

So, don’t worry, start training and see the result. But remember that everything should be done under the guidance of experts. This small step will help you a lot to gain effective results without going into any injuries. 

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